A major Facebook security breach has taken place recently and more than 50 million Facebook accounts have been affected. If you are among one of them, then it is easy to find if your Facebook hacked or not. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook has written a post on his Facebook profile that the steps Facebook has took in order to address this issue. Facebook is already facing a bad time, from Cambridge Analytica scandal to this security breach. The users of Facebook has already lost the trust on the company as the company is said to misuse the data of the users. However, the company does not claim that they misuse the data. The security vulnerabilities in their system are the reson why users hav elost trust over Facebook. Many startups today should learn from what Facebook is facing today. Even if you build a system believing that it is very secure, there are attackers who unethically exploit the security vulnerabilities and put your users into danger. Facebook has given a report that over 50 million Facebook accounts have been affected and there are no evidence that these accounts were being misused. The attacker has stolen access tokens of the Facebook users and was able to log in each and every account, also access photos, messages, posts and contacts. As a precautionary step, the feature that was vulnerable was removed from Facebook temporarily and the access tokens that were stolen by the attacker was invalidated so the attacker will not be able to login to the users account again. Facebook has also logged out another 40 million Facebook accounts suspecting that these users might have been affected. Thus, if you are a regular Facebook user and if your account was exposed in the breach, you should have noticed that Facebook had asked you to login to Facebook again.

How to Find if your Facebook Hacked?

Facebook already knows the accounts that are hacked and accounts that are not vulnerable. Thus, you just need to visit this link to check if your Facebook hacked or not. If the link shows that your Facebook hacked, then it is better to change your password immediately although the company had already disabled access to the attacker. If your Facebook is not hacked due to this security breach, then the page shows the below content. Is your Facebook Hacked?

Which part of your Facebook hacked?

Have you ever used a feature that helps you to see your profile like how it looks like for your friends or public? This feature is called "View As" which is available on every profile. A security vulnerability that was existed in the feature helped an attacker to login multiple Facebook accounts. A similar security breach was faced by Google+ and is shutting down now. All major social media giants although implement a lot of secure systems, attackers find ways to attack the system and also breach the sensitive data. Will Facebook do the same like Google+? Absolutely, no! Facebook has mass number of active users who gets connected with peers. Although people know that their data is being misused, Facebook provides a numerous ways to control the visibility of the public data. Google+ had another reason which made them to shut down the services while Facebook does not have such reasons. What is your thought on this? Do you think your data is available safe on the internet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.