People become populated on Facebook these days. Though, there are lot  of improvements and additional features on Facebook, it sounded that people loved features that Facebook don't provide officially when I posted about animating pictures a few weeks ago. Even me, I love to show off something to my friends when I find something new. This is one way to get popular on Facebook among friends. However, showing mass with large number of subscribers on Facebook is also one of the way to get famous. But getting subscribers for a normal person may be a hardest thing. If a person is a developer or a computer freak, he may do something to get more subscribers. Usually, Public Figures get large number of subscribers. I have seen some people that they make use of some trick to get subscribers. Whatever, the people who subscribe them are real or fake, they show mass. Let me come to the point. now you may insert a Dislike button on Facebook Status. This can be used to prank your friends.

I've seen some of the spam messages containing the Dislike button long back but some people do this trick with their status using a specific application. Now the tutorial that you going to learn here, doesn't mean spamming or scamming. All depends upon how you use the status but I strongly advice not to spam. It's illegal and a coward method, really. You may just use this trick to play prank with your friends.

All you have to do is, you should copy and paste the below code in your address bar of your browser. It's just a Facebook URL. Before using this code, you will need to have a customized URL in the code. &method=stream_publish &redirect_uri= &actions=[{"name":"Dislike","link":"URL_HERE"}]

In the below code, just replace URL_HERE with your own URL. By changing this, you are giving a link to the Dislike button which will be displayed in your Facebook status. Again, I inform you that it's just a prank and you are not installing a real Dislike button. This trick is just to troll your friends.

I will give you a tip. You may create a web page with some text, just like "Thanks for your feedback." and host it in a free web hosting. The text matters on your creativity and imagination. Make some funny text and host on the server.

Another tip: Write a status that you have added a dislike button and receive comments from your friends. Reply to the comments that you have received. This will not make friends to assume that your profile has been attacked by spam.

Dislike Button on Facebook Status Prank

To post on Pages, just add &to=123456789&from=123456789 to the code. This will post a status on your page with dislike button. Here, 123456789 is the ID of your page. Do not provide username of your page, it won't work.

To find the Page ID, just go here by replacing the username with your page's username.

Note: You can add any text in the place of the text "Dislike" in the code. Inserting Dislike button is just an idea to play prank on friends. Also, this method doesn't give you a Share button.