Have you ever tried to increase likes for your Facebook Status or Photo or Video? Or At least, have you ever seen people getting thousands of likes to their Facebook Post though they have less friends or subscribers than their like count? If you have noticed them, you might have been eager to know about them. You might even doubt whether that particular person has become famous but the actual thing is, they use trick. I can't say all people who get more likes on their post play trick but some on Facebook is aware of this trick. People who know programming develop some PHP programs which make use of Facebook Applications to live this trick. Vendors like Likehoot, Autoliker, Powerliker, Jempol and other top websites provide a way to Flood likes to your Facebook Post. The criteria to attain flooding for a post is, the status or photo or video which should be flooded with likes should be made as a Public post and the user should set a privacy settings that he/she should allow anyone to comment on his/her public post.

The person who use this trick loses his/her privacy. If you are well concerned about your Privacy on Facebook, it is better to avoid performing this trick on Facebook. But What happens if I perform this trick? This trick works in a manner that it will increase likes for your specified Facebook post. Not fake people will like your post. All real people who make uses this trick will like your post. And also, you will be a liker for other person's status. By this way you are losing your privacy. Your friends will see your activity on Ticker that you like so many people's status. You will be liking a post of other person's post. You may be not even known of him. Person with no mutual friends will make you a victim for getting likes. The like activity grows if the users on the website grows. You will be liking someone's post per second two or three. Well, it is high.

Whoever the person might be, if he/she allows the application to access news feed, access data at anytime, post on your behalf. Facebook asks you while allowing such applications. Most of the people press the Allow button more blindly without reading what does that particular app does. And, also these vendors are really clever. They use Applications like Twitter, Causes, Windows Phone and others to make this trick possible. For Example see the picture below. This was captured when I tried to increase likes to my photos. But any social media should give privacy to a person's profile. The activities which is used to carry out this trick requires an access token of that session of a user. So that it can be used to like his/her Facebook public post. Sometimes, these vendors make use of our profiles when we are not online or not in reach on Facebook.

If you have accidentally or allowed without knowing these ill effects which come from getting likes on public posts, you may rectify this problem by removing that particular Application from your Apps options in Account Settings. To enhance privacy and to make our account more secure, it is better to use features what Facebook provide officially. Usage of Fake accounts are not encouraged officially by Facebook but still, if you have any other account you can get rid of this privacy issue. Some may be using two accounts, that is one for full time use and other for dummy purposes like testing and sharing stuffs. If you are a person who concern more about privacy, it is better to choose another account. Facebook only penalizes the one who creates account to pretend someone.

You can  Use only authorized Applications. Spams and other stuffs are possible only due to allowing an unknown application. Be Safe on Facebook! Make your Social Life Happy and also Crypt Life by subscribing to our feeds. If you want to increase more likes to your page, you may check here.