Recently, I changed my internet plan which offered me great speed at cheaper rates. As I am a Facebook addict, I posted the results on Facebook. SpeedTest result said that my speed is faster than 81% of all Indian users. I was glad to know that I too have a faster internet connection. But later, after few minutes, people started to comment their own speed test results. Some of them were faster than mine. Also, people who commented from United States had very fast download and upload speed. A few days ago, I found a person using Google Fiber which resulted more than 900 Mbps as download speed. That was amazing when I heard. I was looking on Google for fastest speed results ever generated on I found many sites and forums showing high internet speed. Some of the people on Forums showed a great speed result screenshot from Meanwhile, I found a tool which can increase internet speed in SpeedTest.Net Results. Not really, but it just spoofs the results with our own custom download and upload speed.

This type of spoofing can be used to prank your friends on social networking sites. Just imagine, how would your friends think when you have an internet connection serving you at more than 900 Mbps just like a picture shown below.

Increase Internet Speed in spoofer allows you to enter your own download speed, upload speed, ping, country, city etc. The tool will generate a spoofed speed test results depending upon your own data. You don't have to care about the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to be displayed in the result as it automatically identifies your ISP.

Increase Internet Speed using Speedtest spoofer

You might wonder when I say that the tool also generates the link for your spoofed result. The above speed result link is generated is shown below.

Note that with this tool, you can generate only results up to 999 Mbps of download, upload and ping values. this tool is just to prank your friends and not more than that. The publisher of this tool has also released the source code. You may download the tool and the source code from the below link.

So, what's your plan? Are you ready to prank your friends? Just try them.