One of the more interesting types of special effects out there is certainly the split screen effect. If you’ve seen it in the past then you’ll certainly recognize it as it is true to its name and will ‘split’ your screen vertically or horizontally and allow two videos to play on it simultaneously.

Split Screen effect in video

Sometimes this effect is used to show the same scene from different vantage points, and at other times it is used to show what is happening in two different scenes simultaneously. Regardless of which you’d like to pull off, all you need to actually implement a split-screen effect is Movavi Video Editor.

Adding the Effect

Like everything about Movavi Video Editor, applying the split-screen effect to your videos is really extremely straightforward and takes a few steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and select both the videos that you want to use in your split-screen video.
  2. Locate the videos in the ‘Timeline’ and select and drag one of them upwards until an ‘Overlay Track’ appears – then drop it there.
  3. Double click the video that you just dropped into the ‘Overlay Track’ and expand the list above the ‘Preview Window’.
  4. Select ‘Side by Side’ in the list and click one of the buttons to choose where you want the video in the lower ‘Main Track’ to appear (the video in the ‘Overlay Track’ will automatically appear on the opposite side).
  5. Click ‘Apply’ and when you’re satisfied click ‘Export’ to save the video.

The only other thing you may need to do is to manage the sound levels of the videos. Because two videos are playing simultaneously the audio from both will play simultaneously as well – which may not be what you need. Just use Movavi Video Editor to mute the sound from one video, or mute the sound from both and add audio from a new source.

Rather than saving your video outright, it would be to your own benefit to experiment a little and apply some of the other features in Movavi Video Editor as well. Between being able to enhance the video quality, add customizable text, insert audio tracks, cut and combine video segments, as well as apply various other special effects – you should be able to really get quite a lot done.

At the end of the day Movavi Video Editor can easily be used as a split screen software as well as to improve your video, fix any issues, and apply other types of special effects. Keeping that in mind, why not let your creativity get the better of you and see what you can create with the help of the software.