C and C++ have become important and basic programming language to learn other advanced computer programming languages. Most of the computer programming language follows the same methods to write instructions. I would like to share some of the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and compilers for C and C++. As we all know, C is a structured programming language and C++ is the Object Oriented Programming Language (OOP). We do have a single IDE and compiler which can run most of the programming languages. Some of the IDEs recognize the language by looking at your code and some IDEs can recognize your code using the file type you save.

Compilers for C and C++

The IDE and Compilers which I have listed below not only support C and C++. They do support other computer programming languages like C# (C Sharp), Java and more. People mostly use IDE like Visual C++ from Microsoft and TURBOC++ from Borland International. So, other than Visual C++ and TURBOC++, I have listed out 10 best IDE and compilers which serves most of the utilities for Developers.

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#1 Eclipse

Eclipse is the better IDE and compiler for those who need a better one. The Eclipse IDE and compiler is the most useful one for developers. The Eclipse Foundation have developed separate IDE and compilers for different languages. In some case, we can tell that they might have concentrated more in each and every product of theirs because when we develop an exclusive program or application to do only a particular activity, the coding works become simpler and we would spend time on them more. We would also result a better application. Eclipse IDE and compilers are supported on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Eclipse is an open source software. You may also file a bug on their site if you find any on their IDE and compiler.

#2 Code::Blocks

I really love this IDE because they provide to extend their software to our needs. Code Blocks allows you to extend the software by using plugins available for Code Blocks. There are lot of Plugins available for Code Blocks. As Code Blocks is an open source software, the developers of Code Blocks have been become more. Thereby, the number of plugins available for Code Blocks are more. The Code Blocks is an IDE and compiler which can run on various platforms. The IDE is exclusively meant for C++ but it seems that you can also run C programs.

#3 NetBeans

NetBeans is an IDE and compiler which can run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris. It is one of the most used Integrated Development Environment. Like Code Blocks, NetBeans also provide plugins to extend the software. NetBeans is also an open source application. It has large number of Plugins. NetBeans can give a full support to C and C++. They also give support for developing web applications with Java and PHP.

#4 Digital Mars

Digital Mars is a free IDE and compiler for C and C++. They do develop for programming languages like D and DMD script too. But, very particularly, I must say that their C and C++ compilers are more powerful than others. That might be due to wide usage of C and C++ too. Digital Mars might have concentrated more on their IDE and Compilers for C and C++.

#5 CodeWarrior

As the name is concerned, they are more powerful for compiling C and C++. CodeWarrior is developed by FreeScale and the IDE runs on Windows and Linux Operating System. The application simplifies most of the complex activities. Automated framework will make the developer's work more simpler and easier.

#6 SkyIDE

SkyIDE is an IDE and compiler for C++, Java and other languages too but here, we talk about C and C++. SkyIDE is the most popular IDE and compiler for C and C++. Like other IDE, SkyIDE also provides a feature to auto complete commands. SkyIDE has contributed much on developing a powerful IDE and Compilers for C and C++. They do support Java and HTML but the preference to C and C++ is so high that a C and C++ developer can feel it when he works on it.

#7 Dev-C++ by Bloodshed Software

The most of the IDE and Compilers for C and C++ listed above give support to other programming languages too. But, as the name concerned, Dev-C++ gives full support to C++. Dev-C++ is an IDE and compiler which can support both C and C++. They can be used along with Cygwin or any other GCC based compiler. The latest software of Dev-C++ version 5 is currently in Beta stage and has most of the features than the previous versions of Dev-C++. Dev-C++ is supported only on Windows but released under GNU General Public License.

#8 CodeLite

The latest version of CodeLite 4.1.5770 has been released a few days ago, that is on August 29, 2012. The CodeLite is an exclusive Integrated Development and Environment and Compiler for C and C++. They are open source and also, CodeLite is supported on various platforms like Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS X.

#9 MinGW

MinGW, which means Minimalist GNU for Windows. It provides GUI based Integrated Development Environment and compilers for C, C++, ADA and FORTRAN. MinGW is an IDE and Compiler for C and C++ which basically depends on DLL files on Windows Operating System.

#10 Ultimate++

Ultimate++ is a compiler and an Integrated Development Environment exclusively for C++. It provides a Graphical User Interface for the developer and has a powerful base engine to support most of the syntax. It is supported n various platforms. TheIDE can work with some of the above listed IDE and compilers for C and C++. It can work with GCC, Visual C++ and MinGW.

Share your comments here. If you would like to share any other best or your favorite IDE and Compilers for C and C++, you may share with us in comments.