Recently, we just heard about the announcement of Nokia Lumia 925 with PureView camera powered with Windows Phone. Also, Nokia released its 808 PureView with 41 Mega Pixel of camera. The talk about the Nokia's PureView technology was buzzed a lot around the world. The recent Nokia Lumia 925 contained just 8.7 Mega Pixel of camera in which the PureView technology was integrated to bring out better results in captured image. Now, HTC has introduced a feature called UtraPixel which is similar to PureView but the talk about the UltraPixel is pretty great compared to PureView and thus HTC UltraPixel Camera may compete with Nokia's PureView technology.

HTC One UltraPixel smartphone

HTC has now unveiled all new smartphone HTC One M7 which comprises of UltraPixel technology. The new smartphone will have a 4 Mega Pixel camera which can capture very high quality of image than a normal cell phone camera. The Nokia 808 PureView which has 41 Mega Pixel camera worked perfectly with full resolution at only one mode whereas in other modes, they worked with only 8 Mega Pixel of camera. Some sources says that the HTC's UltraPixel is very similar to Nokia PureView and they too have a capability to use such feature at a special mode.

Earlier, the HTC One M7 was rumored to have a 13 Mega Pixel camera but today the ne smartphone is available at stores for Rs. 42,900 which is much nearer to giant mobiles like Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPhone 5, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One.

The HTC One M7 runs with a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7 GHz processor. It consists of 2 GB of RAM. the smartphone allows you to store data in 32 GB internal storage memory. HTC One M7 does not allows you to insert any microSD card to extend your memory.

What's your thought on HTC One M7? Do you think that it will lead Nokia's PureView? The HTC One UltraPixel has a great welcome among people.