Since few days, the trick to tag Facebook page or profile isn't working anymore but somehow, Facebook had forgotten to patch on mobile site. The same code which was working before on desktop site is now working in mobile site of Facebook. I thought of updating the existing post but later, I guessed that it would be helpful for more people if I post a new article of the trick. You can read the previous article about tagging someone with different name. With this trick, you may prank your friends by tagging their name which usually bullies or mock them. Never misuse any such tricks and make sure that you and your friends get most of  the fun out of it.

I could see some of my friends on my Facebook friend list posted some patterns or ASCII characters as their status where those characters were tagged with their page. My previous trick stated that only if the original page is tagged in their status, they could allow custom names to be tagged.

So, below are the steps to tag a page or profile with different name or custom name.

Step #1: Head to You can also use too.

Previously, the trick was working on desktop site itself but since few days, people experienced some changes. That is, when they tag some page or profile using this trick, they  get a question mark character while they post.

Step #2: Copy the below code and paste it in the box where you update statuses.



Step #3: You will need to replace PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID with the page or profile ID which should be obtained from graph details of the page. Suppose, if the page's username is similar to the one below:

then, you may get the ID of the page by hitting to the below URL.

While you view the graph details of your page, see that cover_id is different from id. You may replace PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID with id provided in the graph section of your page.

tag page or profile with different name

The above screenshot will show you how the code looks after replacing the page or profile ID. Click on Share button to spread the awesomeness.

If you have any queries regarding this, please feel free to comment below.