Tricks on Facebook has become popular and amazing with people. Usually a trick on Facebook will always use a bug that prevails on Facebook. A very recent bug on Facebook made people to have only the first name on Facebook. Recently, we might have seen pages that shares animated pictures. Even, when you comment on their application tab on their page, your timeline would contain an animated picture. Now, there is a trick to share a Facebook page with animated pictures. It works perfectly on any of your timeline. Learn how to share a page with animated pictures on Facebook.

Before you share a page with animated picture, decide a page which you want to share with animated picture. See that, the page must contain an application tab with animated picture. When you browse through various pages, you might find a page with an animated picture on their application tab. For example, you may also use our page CryptLife on Facebook. We have a Gangnam Style picture animating on a application tab. When you have got some page, you may follow the steps below to post or share a page with animated pictures on Facebook.

Steps to post or share animated pictures on Facebook:

Step #1: As said earlier, find a page that have an animated picture tab.

Step #2: Copy the application page tab URL and head to Graph API Explorer on Facebook.

Click Get Access Token button, select publish_actions check box, allow the application.

Animated Pictures on Facebook Page Tab error fix

Step #3: Change the GET to POST method.

Step #4: Type the following in the text box near the method selection box:




Step #5: Now, click on Add a field. In the 'name' field type as link and in the 'value' field, paste the animated page tab URL that you have copied.

Optional: If you want to add a message while sharing, you may add another field. Type message in the 'name' field and a custom status message (anything) in the 'value' field.

Step #6: Just hit on Submit button and check your timeline. The animated picture appears on your timeline with the page shared along with it.

For your ease, I have attached an image below. You may also follow them.

Animated Pictures on Facebook

For Advanced users: When you share animated pictures using this method, you will be seeing that it is posted via Graph API Explorer. To change this, if you have any application, then you can switch to them using Application changer in Graph API Explorer. While doing this, you may need to get access token by enabling required publish permissions.

If you have any queries, just drop them as your comments. I'm happy to help you!

Update 1: As a request of CryptLife Readers, I have published the trick or method to upload your own GIF or animation on your Facebook Page on tab. This post will help you: Upload Animated Picture in Facebook Page Tab.

Update 2: To post animated pictures on Facebook Page as Page Name, you need to get page's access token. As a request of many readers, I have made a video on how to post animated pictures on Facebook Page as page.

[youtube mR5-T5Y8DHM]