Having less friends makes us to feel lonely but at the same time, if you have more friends, you will be receiving large number of notifications in short span of time. Some people receive many Chat Pop ups that they can't reply to many friends simultaneously. humans do wrong at the beginning but will try to rectify it sooner when he/she is badly worsened by that mistake. We will add strangers as our friends on Facebook at the beginning when we feel to chat or doing something with them. But if that increases to thousands or more than that, we need to remove some of the friends who are idle in our friend list to stop receiving updates from them. Learn how to remove friends in bulk.

Facebook has now introduced Timeline for most of the profiles. Tricks were available for removing friends in bulk when a profile contained wall. But people started to search about removing friends in bulk even after timeline was rolled. The script which was used to remove friends in bulk seems to be not working when people got timeline. But What if, we remove timeline and run the script? Let me teach you in this.

To Perform this trick, you need the following requirements (if you use timeline)

  • Google Chrome

I think most of you must be having this already. If not, download them from official Google site. Users who use Wall is not compelled that he/she must use Google Chrome.

If you are a Timeline use of Facebook then you must be removing the Timeline using a Chrome Extension which can be downloaded from Chrome Store:


Use the above link to download the Chrome Extension. By downloading this, you can get back the old Facebook interface, that is Wall. Add the Extension to Chrome and restart your browser. If you are in the condition, that you can't restart your browser at that moment, you may reload your Facebook  Profile for once or thrice to get old Wall style. Please note, that Pages you visit also turn to wall though all Pages has now got Timeline interface. Timeline to wall remove friends in bulk

If you are not a Timeline user and if you use wall interface still, you may start the process from here. Timeline users must have got the wall interface for now after installing the above extension.

To make the deleting process easy, create a List on Facebook and add friends whom you want to delete. After completing this step, now you should install a grease monkey script available in userscripts. Use the below link to install the script. For Firefox users, you need Greasemonkey to install this script. Chrome users can install this directly.


 After installing, go to your Profile by clicking your name at the header. Choose Friends(n) tab shown in the left side of the screen. 'n' represents your number of friends on Facebook Profile. For example, I created a list named 'Del' and added all Friends whom I want to delete.

Now, choose Only delete option from the drop down and select your list that you want to delete. Please note that, here Friends in the list are deleted from your Profile and not simply your list. Be careful while doing this. You can't undo the process.

You can select more than one list from the box using Ctrl and Shift keys on your Keyboard. After choosing list, click Highlight Only button. Please be patient till it selects appropriate friends from the selected lists. After the process is over, you may now click the Delete all EXCEPT selected button.

Hope you have studied how to remove friends in bulk though you have a timeline, a new Facebook interface. If you have any troubles in performing this trick, you may comment here. your comments helps us to improve.

Update 1: An improved and fully working trick has been published. The new trick will be more easier than this too. Follow here.