Smileys are one of the most funny and good way to express a human emotion through internet chat. We might have used several social networking sites. Smileys are the most important and essential tool for making other person to be in happy or sad mood. It even changes a hurting sentence to a cool sentence which doesn't make your friend to get hurt. GMail smileys are the most interesting smileys to be considered.

Most of the people who migrate from Orkut to Facebook starts hating the Facebook smileys as they are simple and doesn't have any HD smileys. But GMail chat or any other product from Google that provides chat facility gives an attractive smiley tool which animates and the image detail of the smiley will also be great.

I have found a way to insert GMail Smileys in Facebook Post or Status. Actually, I can't tell it as a status. I can just name it as a post. In this method you can attach a GMail smiley in the beginning of your text. See an example, your post might like the picture below. This trick is simple and will give you the code to insert this. I admit that you can't see animation in the emoticon as you see in  GMail. When you insert the smiley in Facebook, it changes its size, not really but makes the picture static.

Look the below code and customize to your own status ?app_id=2915120374 &method=stream_publish &redirect_uri= &action_links=[{"text":"CryptLife", "href":""}] &attachment={'media':[{'type':'image', 'src':'IMAGE_URL_HERE', 'href':'LINK_FOR_SMILEY'}], 'description':'YOUR_STATUS_TEXT_HERE', 'properties':{'Like+For':{'text':'More+Updates', 'href':'YOUR_PAGELINK_HERE'}}}

Replace IMAGE_URL_HERE with the smiley's URL to be inserted in your Facebook post. For easy reference, I have listed some of the GMail Chat smiley URL here: Check them for easy reference. Copy the URL from there and paste to src.

If you would like to provide a custom URL for the smiley, you may provide them by replacing LINK_FOR_SMILEY.

Replace YOUR_STATUS_TEXT_HERE with your status quote. Your post looks good if you enter the text which matches the smiley. You may also insert Additional text with your Page's link. Replace YOUR_PAGELINK_HERE with your Facebook Page link.

When your code is ready, you may paste the code in address bar of your web browser.

You may also post this to your friend's timeline just by inserting &target_id=USER_ID at the end of the above code. If your friend don't have a user ID, you may find his/her user ID here: Replace USERNAME with your friend's USERNAME.

If you'd like to post this on your Facebook page, you may add the below code in the above one. Find your Page's ID by looking at here:

&from=YOUR_PAGE_ID &target_id=YOUR_PAGE_ID

If you find any troubles, please comment here. If you find any new tricks on any pages or if you want to suggest something new, you may also contact us. Feel free to contact us. If you have any trouble about this topic, you may comment here.