Recently, I've been posting about animated pictures on Facebook. I would like to share another trick which worked well on Facebook. This is somewhat interesting and a unique trick than the animated pictures trick on Facebook. Now you can insert captcha on Facebook post. Just prank your friends by entering a captcha on Facebook post. A captcha is nothing but a human verification code. Captcha is a picture containing text or an audio where an user must enter the same text or audio he/ she heard in the text box available.

Captcha on Facebook Sample

This trick allows you to insert a captcha on Facebook post, thereby you can prank your friends by making them enter a fake captcha which does nothing when they hit Enter. The simple trick you need to follow is the code or URL. The code or URL must be pasted in the address bar of the browser.

In this tutorial you may post not only the captcha but withanimated picture along the captcha.

The captcha on Facebook post will do nothing. It just pranks your friends. Follow the below simple steps to insert captcha on Facebook post.

Step #1: Log in to your Facebook account.

Step #2: Copy the below code in Notepad or any of your favorite text editor. &method=stream_publish &source= &caption=<fb%3acaptcha+showalways%3d"true"+%2f>Kirim<%2Fbutton<>%2Fcenter></fb%3acaptcha+showalways%3d"true"+%2f>&picture=ANIMATED_PICTURE_URL &redirect_uri=

Step #3: In the above code replace the ANIMATED_PICTURE_URL with the animated picture's link that will work on Facebook. For example, you may take image URLs from this site:

Step #4: Now, the code is ready to use. Just copy and paste the whole code into the address bar of your browser and hit Enter. You're done!

How to post captcha on Facebook with animated pictures to my Page?

At the end of the above code add the following lines:

&from=PAGE_ID &target_id=PAGE_ID

Replace PAGE_ID with the ID of your page. You can get the ID of your page from

How to post catcha on Facebook with animated pictures to my friend's timeline?

In the code given in the Step #2, just add the below code replacing FRIEND_ID with the ID of your friend.


Get your friend's ID from

Replace username with the username of your friend or page.

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