I recently posted how to hide last name on Facebook and have single name to show on profile. The trick was patched soon by Facebook. Now, you can again have single name and hide last name on Facebook profile. Let me teach you the how to do them. If you have already learnt about the old trick, then, you may need to do an additional step to hide your last name. Indonesians are officially allowed to have single name on Facebook as most of the people on Indonesia have only one name. They seem to have last name. May be, the reason should be like that and that's why Facebook allows to have them only the single name.

If you are from other country, you may not be able to hide your last name but it is now possible by VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. Before you step into the procedure, always remember that Facebook's name change policy is somewhat strict as compared to other social networking sites. Make sure that you have more chances to change your name. Remember that you are performing this trick unofficially and Facebook can harm or change your name at anytime without any notification.

Also, remember that this trick doesn't really 'hides' your last name. This tutorial will teach you how to have only the first name on Facebook. You don't really provide your last name to 'hide'.

Adverse effect of this trick:

When you have a single name on Facebook using this trick, you will face some problems while using Facebook applications or while signing up on third-party websites using Facebook. Suppose, the site you are signing up requires both first name and last name, then Facebook will provide the same first name as your last name. For example, if you have succeeded in having a "Michael" as your Facebook name, then while signing up such websites, you may get "Michael Michael" as your name on that website. This might look weird.

Update: Caution: Most of the users report that using single name on account makes Facebook to ask for confirmation of the name which could be by-passed only if you upload a government issued ID. This happens after few days of successful deployment of this trick. However, some of the users are still not facing any such issues. If you are more concerned about your Facebook account, it is better not to perform this trick.


To perform this trick, may need to access proxy websites. You can also use VPN software to the trick but I will teach you with VPN sites.

Let me dive into the steps.

Step #1: Log in to your Facebook account and reach Account Settings.

Step #2: Change the Language to Bahasa Indonesia.

Step #3: Now, you need to show Facebook that you are from Indonesia so that Facebook will believe as though you are an Indonesian. this will allow you to have single name on Facebook. To do this, land on the following link:


Copy the Proxy address and Port. Mostly, depend on recent proxies which has high speed and lifetime. Some of the proxy may not work but most proxies will work.

Step #4: Now, press Winkey + R to open Run window. Type inetcpl.cpl and hit Enter_._

Step #5: In the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings dialog box, click on Connections tab. Click on the LAN settings button.

Step #6: Check or tick the Use Proxy Server for your LAN option. Paste the Proxy address and Port which you got from the above link (Step #3).

Hide last name on Facebook

Note that you don't refer to the proxy address in the above screenshot. Always depend on a fresh and new (Step #3).

Step #7: Click on the OK button. Now, try to change your name on your Facebook account as you do normally. Leave the Last Name empty. Enter your password and save settings.

Hide Last Name on Facebook Single Name

And, voila, Facebook has accepted your name change now.

After changing your name, please see that you revert the settings that you have made. That is, remove the proxy from LAN settings and change your Facebook language.

If you have any queries, write in the comments below. We feel happy to solve your problem.

On some people's request, we have made a video on this. Please follow this video if you feel uncomfortable in this article. [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYhnyHmEysc[/embedyt]