CryptLife is back with Facebook tricks and tips. Facebook tricks do not work always. Some of the Facebook tricks are evolved by taking an advantage of a bug that exist on the site. When people started exploiting them, the site's performance is considerably decreased and thus the company fixed those bugs to provide a comfortable interface for normal Facebook users. For example, you might have learnt about inserting animated pictures on Facebook but then, later it didn't worked as Facebook fixed those bugs. Now, you can get new news feed on Facebook before anyone gets. This method is not official and so you won't be viewing the stable interface as announced by Facebook.

This method will just change the design or style of your Facebook news feed which looks like the new news feed. But still, the official update will reach you soon. If you haven't registered for Facebook's new news feed, you can join the waiting list. You may follow this trick if you want to get new news feed on Facebook before your friends get or before the official update.

You will need the following browser to enable new news feed on Facebook:

  • Google Chrome

If you are a Firefox user and if you would like to get new news feed, then you should switch to Google Chrome while browsing Facebook. It's fine if you are already a Google Chrome user.

Step #1: Add this extension to your Google Chrome.

Step #2: Refresh your browser and you're done!

After you refresh the browser, you will see a black screen. Just hit on the "Get Started" button to experience a new news feed.

Get New News Feed on Facebook before official update

Note: News feed which you get by this Google Chrome extension is unofficial and it just changes the CSS codes of the Facebook site for you alone. If you haven't got the new news feed officially yet, you will get an official update soon. Facebook is slowly rolling out updates on Facebook for people around the world.

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If you have any issues, please comment below. We are happy to resolve them.