CryptLife is back with Facebook tricks but we admit that this trick is little bit older. However, it works still and is a cool trick to experiment. This time I assure that I'll research more on such tricks to share with you. Let us learn how to make Facebook profile with no name. No, not just create. You can also change your name on existing Facebook profile. To do this, you will need few prerequisites and a little knowledge about making a Facebook profile with single name. You need to be careful before performing this trick.

Before stepping into the tutorial, let me list out the adverse effects regarding this trick so that you might stay out for any reason.

  • This trick will ruin your profile. (Yeah! Who loves a Facebook profile with no name?)
  • Your friends cannot search you using the site header or even, to message you. They need to remember your username or scroll for recent messages.
  • Not all browsers show you invisible.
  • You have number of limits for changing your name on Facebook. Anything you go wrong might result in banning of changing your Facebook name permanently.
  • Your name will be invisible only at certain places on Facebook. How about other places? It will show you a character instead of anonymity.

Pages on Facebook where you will be anonymous or be having your Facebook profile with no name is given in the below table.

| Places | Invisible | | --- | --- | | News Feed | Yes | | --- | --- | | Individual Post Page | Yes | | --- | --- | | Friend Request Frame | Yes | | --- | --- | | Timeline Review | Yes | | --- | --- | | Chat | Yes | | --- | --- | | Comments | No | | --- | --- | | Timeline | No | | --- | --- | | Notification Frame or Pop ups | No | | --- | --- |

Also remember that only Google Chrome supports a Facebook profile with no name. Other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome will not show you anonymous, instead shows a character.

That's all about the adverse effects and limitations of this trick. Let us move into the tutorial.

Prerequisites to Make Facebook Profile with No Name

  • Google Chrome for Windows
  • An Indonesian proxy address


  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Navigate to Account Settings and change the current language to Bahasa Indonesia.
  3. Now, in a new tab navigate to the following URL.
  4. Copy any proxy address which has good speed. More importantly, let it be the recent one. Avoid selecting a proxy which has been checked long time ago. Note down the proxy port.
  5. Press Winkey + R and type "inetcpl.cpl" (without quotes)
  6. On Connections tab, select LAN settings.
  7. Tick the check box Use proxy server for your LAN.Proxy Settings for Facebook profile with no name
  8. Paste the proxy address and type the proxy port in the Local Area Network (LAN) dialog box.
  9. Click OK and open the tab where you have left with Account Settings of your Facebook account.
  10. Now click on your Name and paste the character given in this notepad file.
  11. Paste it in the first name field.
  12. Delete all the content from the last name field.
  13. Type your password and click on Save Changes.
  14. And voila! Your Facebook profile with no name is now seen.

Don't forget to remove the proxy address.

And, this is how your post appears when you post from a Facebook profile with no name.

Facebook profile with no name

Troubleshoot problems

Problem: I changed the proxy and language but my Facebook doesn't open up the Edit section when I click on my name.

Solution: All proxy addresses doesn't work. The "proxynova" site which I've suggested above often checks for new proxy addresses. I recommend you to use a high-speed proxy which shows Last Check below 3 minutes.

Problem: I've updated my name. Now all websites load too slow or sometimes timed out.

Solution: After updating the name, you need to remove the proxy settings which you've applied during the trick. Follow the Step 5 and Step 6, then remove the check for Use a proxy server for your LAN. Click OK and you are done.

Problem: It asks for the Last Name.

Solution: Please check that you have chosen the language Bahasa Indonesia already.

If you have any other queries or suggestions, please comment below or contact us.