Google Chrome has just brought most of the people's attention to it. Users of other browser have just migrated to Google Chrome considering its speed and memory consumption. I have already written a post about how Google Chrome became popular among people. This topic must have been posted much earlier but suddenly my mind thought of posting about this. There is an online tool that helps you to create your own Google Chrome themes. The tutorial can even help a 13 year old child to create own Google Chrome themes.

Creating theme is just to attract people. Users who are using Google Chrome will feel that they are working in a favorite entertainment. For example, if they like Nature, then they may apply a theme which really makes them feel like Nature. If a person involves in creating themes, he may end up in creating stuffs. To impress more people, he may even go for tools like Photoshop or any other online editing tools. This will make him to think creatively.

This method does not allow you to code any stuffs. You just need is, your favorite picture. When you have a favorite picture for your theme, then you can easily create your own Google Chrome theme.

Using a own creative stuff is smarter than using someone else's.

An online tool, allows you to create own Google Chrome theme. You may just create own Google Chrome theme in just 3 steps.

  1. Uploading an image
  2. Choosing Colors
  3. Installing the theme

Create own Google Chrome Themes

So simple, right? Just try to create your own theme with your own picture or even if you feel closed, you can use any of your celebrity or inspiration's picture. If you don't want to install, you may even download them to share with your friends personally.

If you are an advanced user, you can also edit your theme more deeply. When you just hit on the Advance tab, you can change colors of Bookmarks bar, Tool bar, Tabs bar, Status bar, text colors, button colors and more.

After creating your own creative theme, just enjoy the result by installing it or download it as a ZIP file or save the screenshot directly.

You can also edit a theme. If you say me that you have a customized theme already and if you want to change colors and pictures in that, you can edit them very well with the same tool. Just awesome, right?

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