Google, the web pioneer celebrates Fools day in a grand manner. Google pranks people just to celebrate this day. This day has really become fun with Google. They usually used to celebrate every event with Google Doodle but they don't celebrate this day with a Google Doodle but they have several pranks which pranks people around the world. They don't really reveal that it is an April Fool prank. Some people believe such pranks and share with other people. They usually reveal that they are pranks only the next day.

Recently, my friend and I was discussing about some new technology that arrived. Suddenly he asked me whether I know how Google works. I just said that they work with Google Algorithms. But still, he denied me and said about the Google PigeonRank Technology. I was wondered but I just suspecting it and hence when I reached home, I did a Google search about it. I found his information were true but that was just a prank played by Google to fool people on April 1, 2002. He still believes them. Also, I was wondered to see some blogs which wrote about the Google PigeonRank Technology.

This year, Google celebrates Fools day in many ways. Here are some of the pranks with which Google pranks people around the world.

No More YouTube from Midnight:

This prank was viral on web yesterday and today too. YouTube just announced that they might shut down YouTube today and will be announcing a best video after 10 years, that is on 2023. YouTube will review each and every video that was uploaded to YouTube and they won't be accepting any new video entries from tonight. When they choose a best video after 10 years, their site will be active just to show which video was selected as a best one. You can see the prank video on YouTube. Go to YouTube and click on the YouTube logo.

Google Nose:

Google has introduced a new feature which transmits smell of a particular place. For example, when you search for "Egyptian Tomb", you will be seeing a button called "Smell" button in the right pane of the search results. Just click on it to feel how an Egyptian tomb smells. Also, You will be having a Nose (Beta) link below the search bar of Google Search Results page. Try them! Google will transmit smell to you. You only have to bring your nose near the screen and Google will transmit the scent when you hit enter.

Google Nose : Google Celebrates Fools day

GMail Blue:

GMail Blue is one of prank made by Google. They say that everything on GMail will be in blue in color which really makes the technology more faster and look beautiful. When you compose an Email, it looks blue and the buttons too looks blue and again, the whole interface looks blue.

Gmail Blue Fools day Prank

Google Analytics Real Time Space Station Traffic:

This is one of the cool prank for all web masters. When they just check their site's real time stats, they can find a big circle in pacific ocean where, when they click that link, it shows that their site is viewed from International Space Station. And, also it says that 41 people views their site from international Space Station. just click on that circle on the map to know more.

Google Analytics Space Station Updates

Prank for Google Play Developers:

Google Play Developers can see this prank. Thus, if you want, you need to create a Google Play Developer Console account which costs $25. They have an option to "Add new Awesome Application". By clicking, that Google Engineers will help you in creating an awesome application. Google says that they have studied most of the successful applications on Google Play. And, now they know better algorithms to make a successful application. Just by filling the application, you will be creating an awesome application on Google Play with the help of Google experts and also you can make your "awesome" application to be featured on some places which it specifies.

Google Treasure Map:

Google Treasure map allows you to view in Treasure mode and Google asks you to find the treasure in Google Maps using the treasure mode. They may contain an encrypted symbols and characters that need to be decrypted.

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