BSNL has launched its first WiFi enabled car in India. BSNL is supposed to be the first service provider to provide internet service in a car. Users can access internet connection while they are travelling. BSNL have tested its first WiFi enabled car at BSNL Indore. The cost of setting up the WiFi service in a car is estimated up to Rs. 6000. These services has been already rolled out on other developed countries but developing countries like India haven't seen such technology yet. Hence, BSNL is rolling out this technology for the first time.

WiFi enabled cars in India

A WiFi antenna will be setup on the car which makes the user of the car to access internet while travelling. The internet speed is supposed to be around 3.5 Mbps.

BSNL always prefers to be the first and best. When India did not have seen the 3G technology, they were first to show on Indian people's eye. Now,  WiFi services on car is the one which they are going to rock with. BSNL is run by Government. People expect latest technology to be seen on India from them but private vendors like Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone etc. attract people by bringing the same services with good plans.

Recently, we hear that Airtel is making many people to get distracted easily as they provide free and unlimited internet plans. They are doing good at their business.  They too bring latest technology to people but not as high end as BSNL provides.

The WiFi enabled services in car will be soon available in every states of India. The basic thing what every people want is, best service at cheaper price. BSNL is well verse in that. People who use BSNL broadband might know the value of price and service. They provide a high speed internet connection at cheap rates. We guess, BSNL would provide at a cost which woths the most of this service.

How about your thoughts on WiFi enabled cars in India? Do you think that people would buy such services? If you are from outside India, please share whether your country have such service or not. If yes, please share your thoughts about your convenience of the service.