There's been buzz around people that Facebook is going to introduce the Hastag feature soon. Twitter has really introduced a great feature to group a conversation world wide. This has made people to easily scan hot topics on a social networking site. Facebook might be introducing the Hashtags on Facebook thereby making the site still more social. When people wants to know about a particular news or topic, they may just click on a hashtag  for more information. People will able to find hot or trending news using hashtags from all people. Hashtags on Facebook might make Facebook still more powerful.

Hashtags on Facebook Working now

When people or a company want to talk about a new product, namely CryptLife (for example). Then, they may just use the hashtag #CryptLife for discussion. When more people start to discuss about CryptLife, their posts are grouped under a single topic 'CryptLife'. When other people want to see information or discussions of CryptLife that have been done by the people so far, they may just click on #CryptLife tag and find every public posts or friends posts under that hashtag. In this manner Hashtags have become popular on social networking sites.

Twitter fans on Facebook still use Hashtags on Facebook even now. Though they know that Hashtags doesn't work on Facebook now, they still want to add such tags just to add some meaning to the post. After Facebook bought Instagram, Faceboook realized the power of hashtags. They have now planned to implement hashtags on Facebook. For status updates, photos and others, Facebook might introduce hashtagging soon.

The recent news feed update has  brought several changes to Facebook. Most of the people love the new layout of the news feed. Hashtags might look cool in the new interface than as imagined in the older news feed.

Advantages of Hashtags:

  • A particular news is grouped so that most of the people can view them.
  • Best for marketing.
  • A particular post is reached to maximum number of people.
  • Best way to get more followers and friends.
  • Easy to target people with particular interest.

How about your views? Are you a Twitter or Instagram fan? How hashtags worked well for you? Share your thoughts in comments.