GMail, email from Google is one of the most popular email service. Most of the providers have now arrived to compete with it. When we didn't hear of GMail, we depended on Yahoo! Mail and also we considered as the best email service ever. Though Yahoo! was the best, GMail arrived with clean design and unique features. Still, the GMail team continues to develop a lot to keep their users connected with them. Recently, Outlook from Microsoft became more competitive with GMail. The interface of Outlook seemed to be best suiting for touch enabled devices. Outlook was powerful too. Now, GMail has introduced GMail Tabs to group emails from different people.

A long back ago, Yahoo! introduced tabs in the email service where all emails were opened in a tab which made users to comfortably switch between multiple emails. A couple of days ago, GMail contained a feature called Tabs which grouped all the emails received from your friends, social sites and more.

The grouping was made intelligently by GMail for the users to view emails comfortably. GMail was the first email giant to find important emails of the users. That feature was really good when we have to browse through a spammed inbox.

As we browse through internet, we sign up at various sites like forums, social networks, RSS feeds etc. As you sign up, they send regular emails to you everyday which will really make your inbox awful. Now, GMail Tabs will group them separately using tabs.

Emails in where people are interacted or is considered as highly important will be grouped in the primary window whereas other updates like Forum, Social updates, Promotions etc will be grouped in appropriate tabs.

Gmail tabs

We might have experienced bulky emails sent by social networking sites like Facebook. When you receive emails from such social sites, they will be found in Social updates tab. You can view other emails in other tabs grouped separately.

How to get GMail Tabs?

GMail doesn't notify automatically about the tabs. You may mannually crawl through an option called "Configure inbox" to get such tabs.

  • Click on the gear button which will be at the top right corner of your Gmail window.
  • Choose Configure inbox. Configure GMail Inbox - Gmail Tabs
  • Select the tabs to be enabled and hit Save.

Happy Emailing with Gmail. Do you like the new GMail tabs? Share your thoughts below.