Blogging is an activity where Blogger must provide a clear and authentic information to people. They must not have intention only to earn money through blogging. When they do their work perfectly, they will get paid well. Most of the bloggers target on their traffic stats of their blog. All bloggers have an aim to get lots of traffic from Google. To get more traffic from Google, you need to go for a unique and a better quality article. The topics to write on your blog can be chosen from other sites but don't do plagiarism. Here are some sources to get topics to write on your blog.

Topics to write on blog

Before proceeding to this post, learn what types of posts that can bring high traffic to your blog.

#1 Thinking and Reasoning:

I recommend you to choose your own topic for your blog post. You may refer other sites for your blog. But, your own thinking and reasoning impacts more traffic on your blog. So, It's better to write a post with unique topics. Think out a good topic to write on your blog.

#2 Latest News:

People often depend on Google for the latest new. Try getting a latest news from some websites like Google News, Yahoo News and other news source. Do not rewrite the article which is found on another blog but try to write an improved article than the article you are referring to. Consider, if Google introduced a feature called “Country based redirection for blogger blogs”. You may find a way like “How to disable country based redirection for Blogger blogs” because though people land on your high quality article for latest news, most of the people wants to overcome those disadvantages.

#3 Forums:

Forums are the good source for your blog post. Most of the talented people spend time in discussing with other experts only on Forums. Some of the solved questions might be available on Forums which you can make use of them for your blog post. You may explain it elaborately on your blog post. If you find any unanswered threads on such forums, you might also find a solution for that and you may post on your blog. Don't be idle after posting your answer on your blog. Answer the unsolved thread with the link of your blog post.

#4 Answers:

Sites like Askmefast, Yahoo Answers, and other such sites can provide you a topic to post on your blog. Also, after posting an answer on your blog. Help the people who have questioned on such sites. Those sites can bring more traffic to your blog.

#5 Social Sites:

Subscribe and follow important people and companies on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. When you follow important people and companies, you may get some information instantly or directly from them and can post on your blog. If you post something first, Google will show up your results on the first page. However, it is also based on your site's page rank and number of back links.

Do not copy any article from any of the blog. It's a crime. Share your thoughts below. If you have any other ways to get topics for a blog, you may share with us in comments.