Getting Likes on your Facebook page becomes a strategy for everyone. We might have seen pages that contains millions of likes in it. But how do they do it? Why can't you bring the same? It's possible! Follow some methods. Most of the methods are already known to people but this article might be helpful for those who have a page containing less likes.

I am on Facebook since May 10, 2009. I had a different interface when I joined Facebook. Friend requests and notifications were at right side of the page as a link and there was a long horizontal chat bar at the bottom of the page that freezes while scrolling. But now, there are lot of changes on Facebook. From interface to functions, there occurred lots of changes.

A Facebook Fan Page requires time to get an exposure to Public. Well, if your page is a popular brand or product, there is no surprise in getting instant likes. Likes are generally earned by advertising, sharing and spamming. You can advertise and share your page but spamming is a crime and also it is nor encouraged anywhere, also here.

For advertising your Page, you need to pay Facebook using your payment cards. By this way, your page will be shown world wide Facebook users. I've seen out of my experience on Facebook, most of my friends 'like' the Sponsored ads shown in the right side of the Facebook. So, it is a best and beneficial way to increase your likes on Facebook Page.

But, there are also some methods where people come themselves seeing on your post on your page. When they like the post, fortunately, they Like your Page. A original content posted on your page gets high exposure on your page, always. Original content in the sense, the post must be created by you whether it may be a Photo or a status or a video. If a particular post is originally done by you, then I can assure that it may go for more shares, likes and comments.

On the other hand, for example, if a content is copied from other page to your page, people won't feel that particular content as a new one and there is a less chance of sharing and getting likes to your content. Remember that, Likes and shares to your content always speaks truth to your page likes. As a page's post is public, anyone can Like and comment but what happens when they just comment and move with their job? It's kind of waste, right? But not always! When they comment or like, Facebook news feed and ticker shows that you have liked those posts. We won't be getting that user as our fan but his/her friends might notice that and comes in contact with us. The person who liked our content may return anytime when he/she sees your post again in an excited manner.

Photo tagging paves a good way for getting likes to your page. After posting a picture in your Page, tag your friends. This may lead to ignorance of liking your page sometimes but most of the people like the from from where they have been tagged. Sharing of Photo really makes your page popular.

Always have a check your insights of your page to improve your posting activity. The more you post a original content, the more exposure you get. have this  always in your mind. Picture contents are always better than a text type post because people share your pictures but most of the people copy your status. However, there is a share button on a status too.

This is a insight of a page on Facebook which contains good number of likes. You can see that wherever the posts is high, total reach is more. If the above image is small, click on the image to enlarge.

You might have analysed, there will be more shares for photos but not for a status message. A better way to post your desired status is, you can create a simple picture of it. You might have seen some pictures like "Press L and see what happens". Imagine, this as a plain text status. People copy such content instead of sharing the content. Some people may share the status too. I am not finding fault with the people who copy the text but I am pointing out activities done by Facebook users. Page owners must always be aware of these tricks carried out on Facebook Pages.

Good caption to a picture is also a good practice to popularize your post on Page.

A better way is that, commenting on other fan pages which have more likes. This activity can be carried out by using your Facebook as a Page. If your comment is awesome, fortunately, people likes your page than they like your comment. Also, like other people's comments using your page.

Post on other pages which makes your page still more popular. Don't spam, but post content related to their page using Facebook as a Page instead of your profile.

There is also a way to migrate your profile to a business page. In this case, your number of friends will become the number of likes on your page. Thus, at the start of the page, you will be having more likes. Maximum number of friends that a profile can hold is 5K. This will wipe out all posts in your profile before migration. So, before you migrate better download your archive.

Another thing is, creation of notes. This not only make Facebook users to bet benefitted benefited but also non Facebook users. As your Facebook Notes goes Public, that is, any one on web will be able to view your post. Facebook notes that are public are always indexed by Google and other popular search engines. Your page also gets visitors from Google. By this, your Page name becomes the author of the note. People might Like your page if they get attracted to your notes.

Facebook Tricks has become popular now-a-days. Most of us must be aware of Ғасєвффк Әят Page on Facebook. They started their campaign when emoji (Animated Emoticons) was allowed in Facebook. The trick or the method was not known to anyone when they started. They posted such type of emoticons on Facebook. Share and Likes multiplied each day. After some days, Facebook patched emoji emoticons. Like rate of Ò’асєвффк Әят Page was dropped from top of their graph. But after that, they made some more new tricks. Now they weigh 2.1 million likes on Facebook.

I strongly advise you not to buy likes and not to use sites which provides fake likes. May be, you can use them for showing off like count to friends but you can't get real likes by those sites.

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