Apple may upgrade to free iPhone 6s Plus for users who own iPhone 6 Plus. There was a recent issue with Apple where the company was throttling the CPU speed for older iPhone that have got a damaged battery. Apple admitted about the issue and Tim Cook said that they will include a feature to control the battery in the upcoming update of iOS. Apple wants to give a good user experience to users and thus they were throttling the CPU, they said in a report. However, it is not a legitimate move by Apple for not letting the users know about the CPU throttling. Get Free iPhone 6s Plus In order to resolve the frustration faced by Apple users, the company introduced a quality program where any old iPhone user can replace their damaged battery for $29 which is much lesser than the original price of the battery. When it comes to customer care, Apple stands first. A recent rumor from a trusted source says that iPhone 6 Plus users may get a upgrade of free iPhone 6s Plus until March 2018. MacRumors posted about this program and they are not sure about the devices that are eligible for a free upgrade. Apple did not reveal about the devices that are eligible for a free upgrade. Some sources says that Apple might do a free upgrade of iPhone 6 Plus as the company has already stopped the supply of iPhone 6 Plus. After the battery replacement program, most of the iPhone 6 Plus users have approached Apple Authorized Service Centers for replacement of batteries. However, the stock was not available in few service centers. As Apple has already stopped the supply of iPhone 6  Plus batteries, the company wants the users to replace them with the next version of iPhone. This is a good news for Apple iPhone 6 Plus users, but Apple has not revealed the eligibility criteria for the device to qualify for the program. In this case, I remember a staingate issue for MacBook's Retina displays. No official Apple website contained news about the quality program but Apple is still replacing Retina displays for MacBooks even it is out of warranty. Similarly, this program for upgrade to free iPhone 6s Plus may also occur without any announcement but Apple might have silently communicated to Apple Authorized Service Centers. iPhone 6 Plus is well-known device for bendgate issue. The free upgrade is an additional surprise for all iPhone 6 Plus users. iPhone 6s Plus' build is stronger than iPhone 6 Plus and there is no need to panic about the bendgate. Let us wait and look for an announcement from Apple. Share your thoughts below. Are you one of the iPhone 6 Plus users who is excited to get your free iPhone 6s Plus?