Education has become an essential part of human life. A survey on Future education has been taken by many educational institutes and forums. Online Education might be Eco Friendly as the Paper or human physical effort is saved in this case. Not only the environmental issues, online education gives way for teacher friendly atmosphere as the teacher can teach their subjects in a digitized way which makes their burden lesser.

Online system is followed currently in some of the parts of the world which give good results. These days, Students apply for a Correspondence courses than Classroom courses as people is now confined to good universities or colleges or other educational institutes. A Student who cracks the international university entrance examinations can study  from their mother land if Online education is enabled in that particular institute.

Education must provide students a good style of behavior and also to understand what they study. Now a days, some of the educational institutes makes the students to memorize blindly just for scoring marks and making their institute to show hundred percent results. They make the education system to spoil and use the student as a business commodity.

If online education method can eradicate such stuffs, it would be a better go on future education. But how a future education can bring changes to educational system? Let us see. By teaching in an online method, more number of students can be made into benefit. The queries raised by the student can be answered by the teachers. A group of teachers can be used to run the session and problems, theory questions, if any can be solved by teachers in the same session when it is queried by students.

Online Education system can be cost effective and time manageable. Student can attend the session directly from their home or a place which is allotted for them. It can allow the remote people to learn things. Students can get support or help for the subject from the students in various part of the world thereby providing wide range and equal benefits to the people.

Students' queries can be solved not only by a particular country's teacher. They can provide teachers and lecturers from all over the world to provide education to the students. Now-a-days, students who learn online get more benefit than classroom studies. Classroom studies can make the students to confine to a particular environment where knowledge is limited. Online education can provide them a wide range of education.

It would be a better move if world change to online in educating students. The standard of Education will be maintained. If a country's Education system is low, it can introduce such features to rise them. There will be more number of Scientists arising each day.

Online Tests has now got popular world wide. Usage of papers has been lowered by this case. Online Education can be a better choice for improving the world instead of fighting with each other due to politics with other countries. Let's unite and create a diplomatic world.

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