Computer viruses are harmful to all the activity we carry out in it. A good computer user will use a best Antivirus to protect himself from viruses. What if, your Antivirus doesn't protect you from viruses? I accept, you might be updating your Antivirus software regularly but your Antivirus vendor fails to analyze a particular virus venom that tries to attack your computer, what will be your action? Your Antivirus will be getting an update only if your Antivirus software vendor had already analyzed the type of virus, because, only then it can provide a proper update to block the virus program.

Flame is a virus which can spread on your computer through USB drives and Bluetooth file transfer. Now a days, most of the computer users require a pen drive for carrying data anywhere. According to Symantec, the Flame virus has been spread since two years and no one has noted about its seriousness and now after investigating most of the computer users, it has been said that the virus is spreading Iran, Israel, Syria and Lebanon. India is said to be having partial attack due to this virus.

We've been noticed a game called Flames to predict relationship among our friends. But now, a Flamer, creator of Flame virus is said to be playing a game on people in the world. It is said that the creator of the virus is not yet detected and people suspect the attacker from USA and Israel. Flame can steal entire documents and files in the computer. To hide the infection made by the Flame, it overwrites some random characters on the disk. The security companies is still working to find the working of the Flame virus.

India is warned about this threat. A partial impact of this virus is seen in India. The reason is suspected to be, sharing of files and data from tourists.

Earlier, a virus named Stuxnet was said to attack the Iranian Nuclear Plant. The Programmers and Security experts tell that Flame virus can be highly infectious like Stuxnet. Flame is a 20 MB file and Stuxnet weighs around 512 KB. Security experts suspect that it may be more infectious than Stuxnet. The Flame virus program may contain more instructions than expected in Stuxnet.

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