Most of the users recently switched over to a light browser Chrome after Firefox evolved with bugs. Firefox was made slow by JavaScript containers and the algorithm was designed which consumed more memory usage. When users load a web page that uses large memory, Firefox freezes the user's computer for certain period of time. But it managed to restore to normal condition after sometime of freeze.

The hanging of system and large memory usage made the users to switch to Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Opera etc. Now Firefox announced that it had debugged all the bugs and they are testing a beta version of their upcoming Firefox 13 to the developers. Beta version can be downloaded by non developers too but Firefox is interested in collecting your feedback in their website.

In the older versions, when users try to switch over tab from tab, they end up in freezing of browser. User must wait till Firefox take time to process their request. Firefox 13 has now brought a new feature called MemShrink. As far now, Google Chrome is said to be a light weight browser with respect to memory usage on user's computer. Now, Firefox has also taken step to shrink memory usage of the software.

Firefox 13 will not only come with improved memory usage but also will have a better understanding capability of JavaScript coding on web pages. Now-a-days, dynamic web pages are powered by JavaScript. Containers used by previous versions of Firefox contained issues in it. Firefox 13 gives an improved version of JavaScript Containers.

Mozilla has concentrated on Firefox after losing a number of users from their previous versions of Firefox. Browsing has made simple on Firefox 13. Scrolling effect just rocks! I have become crazy to it. Unlike the browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera etc. it has a sliding effect of scrolling. As the JavaScript is made improved, even the scrolling effect is made an amazing one for the users. User interface and interaction with users by the browser tells about the success story of a Software.

Browser's stability has been improved so that freezing of the software has got reduced. A lots of Out Of Memory (OOM) errors has been rectified in Firefox 13. It gives a greater difference between previous versions of Firefox. The memory consumed by the Browser is less than other popular browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer etc.

The icons displayed in Firefox really indicate a Mac based software running on a Windows Platform. A new built in start up page has been redesigned for all new Firefox 13.

Have a look at the user's usage graph from 2009 to 2012.Analyse the graph. The development of Google Chrome has got increased whereas the Firefox, lost users. This was the case in previous months and previous years.

Firefox has brought a new feature while opening a new tab. When you open a new tab, it shows a list of recently visited web pages  in a grid manner so that you can easily navigate to them. You may download the new Firefox 13 Beta from the official Firefox Website.

This development could be an encouraging to the engineers of Firefox for developing a better browser in future still.

What are your thoughts about the Firefox 13? Have you ever tried? Just give it a try! You will like it. Share your comments about the all new Firefox here.