Blogging is an activity which involves more writing skills. Blogging is also a type of journalism. It is a self employment method and your brainy work involves much than physical body work. Of course, typing and writing is also a physical body work but it involves more work of brain to do that. Now, if you are a blogger or a writer, then compare yourself with a famous writer. This will make you so proud of your writings and also encourages you to write more articles on your behalf. Whoever may be your role model, but now you can find which writer are you, I mean you may match yourself with a famous writer.

As a writer, we might have made someone a role model and might have inspired by him or her. But your role model may or may not write like you but what if, a person likes in way like you? It sounds awesome and I am sure that you will be happy that you do match a famous writer. As your profession is also a writing job, you will get more inspired by him/her.

As a blogger, you must be always inspired by anyone. But most of the bloggers won't have a role model as a writer but they aim high than that. That is, they aim to bring most of the information to the people. Never underestimate the spirit of bloggers. They always want to show off everything they know and make the people to understand everything. May be, that is why, people say internet is the king for the source of information and news.

The site says which famous writer you write like. The thing you have to do is, you have to copy and paste few paragraphs of your writings and the site will match you with a famous writer. When you get a result, just look about him in the Google and make yourself more inspired and proud of. Share the result with your friends.

I write like Cory Doctorow it seems. He is a famous canadian blogger, journalist, science fiction author and is also a co-editor of Boing Boing Blog. Just  you may also paste your result on your blog or share it with your friends who are in Twitter, Facebook or through Email.

I write like Cory Doctorow

Just made a Google search about him and got some information about him. Not bad. A very famous person. I am very proud that I write like him.

Cory Doctorow Google Search statistics

Just find yours with them. The site link is Share your thoughts in comments here.