This is not a "hacking" type-of post. BSNL knowingly or unknowingly has let anyone to find any BSNL prepaid balance of the subscribers to be available public. It doesn't matter that you need to have an account on the site or be a BSNL subscriber. Anyone peeping on another person's prepaid balance does not create an issue but it is a kind of stealing the privacy. The customer service provided by the company has a lot of grievance among a lot of people in India who were forced to switch to different networks due to unresolved complaints.

There have been a lot of pending complaints with BSNL, surprisingly, you won't believe if I say that a customer would even wait for more than 6 months for a problem to be resolved. Well, this post isn't about the grievances faced by the customers. Let us look on finding the prepaid balance.

It is much simple to find any BSNL prepaid balance. Here's how you need to do.

Step #1: Head to the BSNL Quick Recharge Portal.

Enter a valid BSNL mobile number twice and enter any email address. The victim won't be notified about you. It works even if you provide some invalid email address.

Find any BSNL prepaid balance step 1

Click on Submit on providing the details.

Step #2: Selecting type of Voucher

Here choose General Topup.

Step #3: Selecting a Voucher

Now,  I don't want to restrict your freedom on selecting a voucher. Do select any voucher randomly which your mouse points out quickly.

Find Any BSNL Prepaid Balance Voucher Selection

Choose Submit on selection.

Step #4: And, here's the information you need to know and I'm quitting.

View balance of any BSNL number

On instant selection of Submit in the above step, you should now be seeing the prepaid balance of entered BSNL number and also with the expiry date of the plan.

I never mind if you want to proceed to payment if you really do care about the person whose prepaid balance you are trying to peep.

If you do have any issues, please comment below. You can also contact us to find you much more tricks and we will feel happy to share the tricks with you.

DISCLAIMER: This is an educational post and CryptLife is not responsible for any damages resulted from this method. We just liked to share a way to find someone's BSNL prepaid balance which BSNL did not care to hide them. No other networks' portal have let their subscribers balance to be available for public.