I think, I am back to work after long time. CryptLife is comprised of higher number of Facebook fans as we post most stories about Facebook. Lastly, we posted regarding how to reduce Facebook addiction. I think the most important factor of a person who gets addicted to Facebook is "News Feed". The style and layout of current Facebook news feed is same old since when they launched its service all over the web. Facebook has now come forward to update the news feed feature. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has not revealed anything about the design yet. However, it is said that Facebook will announce the new redesigned news feed soon at a press release which will be held this afternoon.

Though Mark Zuckerberg did not reveal any hint on how a new news feed will look, it is said that Facebook's new news feed will be targeting mainly on advertisements and users needs. It is made on the concept that if the size of the picture and videos are made larger, there comes a big way to earn more. This is more advantageous for both advertisers and Facebook. Also, it is said that users will be able to view feeds in a better way.

Let us wait for the new news feed that will be rolled out soon. By digging down the history of updates done by Facebook, they did not do any big changes to Facebook News Feed. But still, the older news feed showed smaller pictures when people shared a page's or person's photos. But with recent updates by Facebook, those photos which were shared also made larger in size. The theater view of Facebook has really increased the earnings of Facebook.

The old news feed which showed smaller picture is shown below. The old one showed the album name though the only picture is shared.

Redesigned News Feed update by Facebook

The new (current which is till today) News Feed shows bigger image when it is shared. The screen shot below can well differentiate from the above.

New Redesigned News Feed on Facebook

The upcoming new News Feed may or may not have a different layout. Facebook will soon be announcing this.

Share your thoughts with us. Do you really need such kind of updates now? We think, by enlargement of photos and videos on News Feeds, it really eats internet bandwidth the most. Also, it can eat up memory when it loads on a user's browser screen.

When people keep their computer idle for hours with a browser tab containing Facebook News Feed, it keeps on updating and users more memory. Facebook should have really worked on this in a new news feed. Comment your thoughts below.

Update: Facebook has just unveiled the News Feed pictures but it is not rolled out to all people on web. It is expected that it will reach every Facebook user soon. We have some screenshots of the new News Feeds below. this is how it looks.

News Feed update on Facebook

](/tech/facebook-redesigned-news-feed/attachment/news-feeds-2013-updated-facebook-cryptlife)[Facebook news Feed Activity log