The new timeline feature in Facebook has enabled the users to view all the posts since the time of joining. It enables you to select a month or year and helps you to view the post during that period. Another interesting feature in a timeline is that, you are allowed to add any post, milestone, events or relationship status in the time you want. A Timeline allows you to add a cover picture, earlier when there was a wall, the feature of adding cover picture to profile was not found. Later, when Facebook rolled out Timeline, cover pictures was featuring around a profile. Another interesting thing in Timeline is, you can highlight or keep a post on top. Highlighting means, your post appears wider in your profile which looks featured or something important to users. I have seen people having their achievements, their activity and milestone as their highlighted feature on Facebook Timeline.

Initially, users loved the interface of Facebook when it rolled out for first time. But later, due to slow down of a profile, they want to switch to a wall interface. After switching to a Timeline view, Facebook didn't allow the users to switch back to wall. So they stayed to Timeline. However, a fresh or a new account has only wall. Some users are more vigilant that they didn't switch to Timeline view. However, Facebook offers them to switch to Timeline view in the homepage of their Facebook account.

Does the idea of Facebook Timeline for mobile goes well? But yesterday, some users updated their status message about the introduction of Facebook Timeline in mobile phones. Smart phone users who get a site which have a sidebar at left of the screen, are experiencing Timeline feature for mobile since yesterday. But their status were showing the negative feed back of this feature due to usage and speed of site. After this move by Facebook, a mobile site which should load faster has got a slight change in site speed. It has slightly lowered down. However, Timeline has been rolled out for touch mobiles earlier, most of the mobile users has now got the feature of Timeline on mobile. [gallery]

Another update which happened yesterday was in News feeds which appeared like a Timeline. I hope you have seen a post looks in a Timeline. Every post contains an individual box. The photos and similar stories are shown individually for a clear view of a post. The photos are 3 times larger than the previous version of news feed and a post will be shown edge to edge in the display screen of a mobile.

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Facebook has announced that this new feature will be seen on iOS, Android and which will be accessed from a touch device. Other devices, that doesn't contain any touch screen cannot avail this feature. They will be viewing a normal version of I suppose, this change for placing advertisements on mobile versions of Facebook.

How do you think about this change? Facebook has not yet announced of bringing such feature in Facebook's full site. Comment your ideas here.