Facebook, being the most popular social networking these days is said to contain a bug in it. The bug does not appear internally on Facebook but Facebook Like buttons and recommend buttons available on websites and blogs is said to have bug in it. It's  in Facebook's hand to resolve this issue. The bug doesn't matter on privacy or security of a Facebook user but it contains a bug in the count displayed in the Like button and Recommend button on websites and blogs. The counter which gets displayed in the "like" and "recommend" button includes fake likes too.

Facebook Fake Likes Bug Web Links

There must be only one like to be accounted on a link for a person. That's the real perfectness of the service. Facebook likes for web links go more than one when a Facebook user shares the link on Facebook links. If a user had liked and shared link at two places on Facebook, then the likes shows as 3. One like will be accounted for the click which the user gave and another two likes will be accounted for the shares. This bug was found earlier long back but Facebook have not taken this issue as a serious one but after many complaints about this, Facebook said that the bug will be fixed soon and they are working hard to resolve this issue.

Anything more than an original one is a fake one. Same applies here. Have anyone said like, "I like this 3 times"? Badly, No. The likes on Facebook must be real and the count too must be shown accurate. Some of the Facebook users might take this as an advantage and start to spam the link at all places on Facebook just to get more likes for his/her article.

Share your ideas and thoughts here in comments. Do you really think Facebook has not concentrated on Likes for Facebook Web links? What's you thought?

Facebook has already blocked many auto liker which prevailed a month ago. It made people to get instant likes for their page and public posts.

A Bug? Really?

Well, I just started with saying it as bug but you can notice that every social media like Google+ and Twitter does the same. Google+ counts shares and +1's but not comments. Thus when a person +1's and shares once, the Google+ widget for that particular link shows only '2' as total count. Whereas, on Facebook you can give "unlimited" likes to any link. Let us see how to like more than once on Facebook.

How to "like" more than once on Facebook?

Remember that liking more than once does not apply to status or photos. This technique may apply only to the like count shown on websites or blogs.

Let us consider, you need "likes" (more than once or unlimited) to your blog post.

Share it to groups, your timeline and page.

Each share appears as "like" count on site's Facebook like widget.

Ok, How people went crazy to increase "likes"?

People use parody accounts or their own account to increase the likes for web links. They share the link on their timeline without caring about the privacy. Then they comment themselves as many times to make the like widget to show a large number of count. They don't care about privacy because, even if the link they comment is set to "only me", the widget still accounts the shares or comments.

So, the Facebook likes on a website or blog increases whenever you..

  1. Like
  2. Comment (counts for every comment, regardless of same person commenting)
  3. Share (counts for every share, regardless of same person sharing)