Like Twitter, Facebook has now brought a new feature to embed your post on a website or a blog. This feature is pretty much cool when you want to share a Facebook post with your blog readers or your website. This helps not only to get likes and comments on your post but also to make exposure of your Facebook profile. We already posted about this in our previous blog post but the exact time to roll out for all users was not confirmed by the Facebook. Today, when I checked my Facebook profile, I noticed an option called "Embed post" while deleting one of my statuses. It provided an HTML code to be pasted on my website. Let us see how effectively it allows to embed public posts on websites and blogs.

Benefits of embedding Facebook posts on websites:

  • Show your social activeness to your visitors.
  • Get more likes and shares.
  • Acts as free sponsored post.
  • Receive comments or opinions from people you may not know.
  • Get more followers to your profile.

Not only the benefits I have mentioned above but also, it includes many. Let me take an example of recent thing that happened with Facebook security. Khalil Shreateh, an IT specialist who discovered a serious security issue on Facebook posted about what he has done while reporting the vulnerability. He was continuously posting on his Facebook profile about the work he was progressing. While such incidents occur, it will be better to embed his post on a blog or website that says about it.

Facebook allows you to embed statuses, links, photos and even mood status (like feeling excited, reading Revolution 2020 or eating ice cream). Below is the photo which I have embedded for you to show how an embedded post looks like.

Post by Arjun.

You may embed by clicking on arrow icon that appears when you hover on any of your public post.

Embed public posts

How helpful this feature will be for you? Share your comments below.