The most popular social networking site, Facebook now makes ease for web masters and bloggers. Embedding tweets on websites have become more efficient for both the social networking site and the user. Embedding tweets have also become a good way for popularizing the post or making the post more viral. In other hand, those tweets are also shown as an evidence to people than using a screenshot. Facebook is improving a lot these days because of frequent updates that are that takes place daily on some selected feature. This has made people to stay on Facebook longer. Now, one may embed Facebook post on website by copying HTML or similar codes to the site's source.

Embed Facebook Post on Website

Embed post may work well with people who have websites and blogs. They can easily embed their posts on their site to get more likes, comments or shares on their post. Facebook is currently testing this feature on some big pages and announced that embedding statuses, photos, links and other attachments will soon be found on other pages or profiles too.

Already, Facebook has rolled out Comments, Like Box, Like Buttons, Profile badges to be embedded on third party websites. Now, embedding Facebook post is really a cool one for website owners. Especially for bloggers who always want to show off some of their status for exhibiting an example or proof for something they write about.

This feature will be rolling out slowly on all pages and profiles after the testing is completed. When this feature is out, Facebook may notify you with a short tour of the new feature as it usually does whenever a new feature has been introduced.

What is your thought on embedding Facebook posts on websites? Do you think that they are copying the feature from Twitter like they did the hash tag feature to copy from Twitter? Share your thoughts in below comments.