Most of the people on Facebook, Chats with friends more than sharing something. Every person needs to chat for sharing things personally. Whatever the things be, about business or studies or any stuffs between couples. There should be some privacy to share things. Facebook, a popular social networking site on the World Wide Web is mostly used for Sharing things among friends and public. We all become crazy to chat with the opposite genders for making ourselves fun and more entertained. Commenting on Publicly shared things is a best way to start a conversation with a stranger.

Facebook tricks are mostly used by Pages for becoming popular and getting more likes. By sharing the trick, the Page becomes popular by reaching more people on Facebook. We might have already seen tricks like inserting Music, HTML Form, Badges or Animated Pictures on Facebook post. But unfortunately, these tricks are patched by Facebook. Recently, we found a trick to insert chat box in your Facebook Post. This trick can be made possible using Application. Usage of this trick is easy than ever.

This trick will show the Chat box of the visitor. However, you hold the ownership of the post. When any user chats by selecting his/her friend in this post, he/she might be getting a code in the chat box. When they press Enter, it says a message and shows some pictorial images on chat. Just Paste the below code into the Address bar of your Web Browser. ?app_id=138863726203206 &method=stream_publish &redirect_uri= &action_links=[{"text":"CryptLife", "href":""}] &picture= &name=Selects+Your+Friends+and+Click+Enter+to+see+magic &link= &caption=fbchat-invite+msg%3d"[[126138614064758]]+[[f9.angel]]+[[266394220086654]]+[[196752423751220]]+[[238594039545396]]+[[238594039545396]]+[[180901405340714]]+[[f9.heart]]+[[f9.curllip]]+share+from+here+--;+[[f9.inlove]]+[[f9.angel]]+[[f9.angel]]+[[126138614064758]]"condensed%3D"false"exclude_ids%3D"1,2,3" /fb:chat-invite+msg%3d"[[126138614064758]]+[[f9.angel]]+[[266394220086654]]+[[196752423751220]]+[[238594039545396]]+[[238594039545396]]+[[180901405340714]]+[[f9.heart]]+[[f9.curllip]]+share+from+here+--

When you are successful, you will get a post like this after you share.

You may use the above code solely or if you want to edit the code, you may also do that. I will teach you each and every part of the code to be edited. Customize the code according to your need and share it with your friends. Show off your friends that you have stolen their chat box or hacked their account to embed chat box on your Facebook Post. I posted using this trick few hours ago in my Facebook Profile. Most of the people requested me to delete their chat box. One fellow pleaded me like anything to delete that post because my friends might chat with his girlfriend. You may get funny comments and responses from the people.

Now let me come to the point. It's time for me to tell which part of this code can be altered for your convenience.

app_id=138863726203206 tells about the application through which it gets posted. If you are an application developed or if you have any dummy application created on Facebook, then you might use it's Application ID here.

&redirect_uri= tells the code to redirect the page after Sharing. Most of your Applications works fine with default Facebook URL. I recommend you not to change this unless you have a separate domain for your own Application.

&action_links=[{"text":"CryptLife", "href":""}] This can be replaced with your Text and web address if you have but if you want to thank us for this tutorial, you may use our link and name. This is the text which will be displayed at the bottom near "via App". If you want to add a Share button instead of a link given here, you may add a shortened link of the same code so that user can share it once. Provide a link to your Facebook Page or profile or website just for the text above the chat box so that users may reach your page. I have explained providing link for the text in &link.

&picture= The Direct picture URL which will will be displayed in the post. I have added my logo here but you can use any relevant picture. Search Google for finding any picture related to the trick.

&name=Selects+Your+Friends+and+Click+Enter+to+see+magic This is the text which is displayed above the chat box. You may edit this. Add + in the place of a Space in your sentence.

&link= This is the URL to be provided for the text &name. This is optional because even if you didn't specify this line, the text gets the link of the image you inserted in the post using &picture.

&caption=<fb:chat-invite+msg%3D"[[126138614064758]]+[[f9.angel]]+[[266394220086654]]+[[196752423751220]]+[[238594039545396]]+[[238594039545396]]+[[180901405340714]]+[[f9.heart]]+<3+[[f9.curllip]]+Share+from+here+-->+[[f9.inlove]]+[[f9.angel]]+[[f9.angel]]+[[126138614064758]]"condensed%3D"false"exclude_ids%3D"1,2,3"/> This is the important part of this trick. You may better use this part of the code without doing changes but editing is easy if you are careful. Analyse the above part carefully.


This is the part of the &caption part, which is the content to be posted while your friend selects his/her friend from the chat box and hits enter. Change this part alone. Do not change other parts in &caption. That may result in messing up of code. Replace the above one with your code.

Try this code and share your thoughts here. We will be happy to help you in using the code. Comment even if you need to solve any trouble when using this code.