After lot of smaller updates that was rolled out on Facebook, the company now allows the user to edit Facebook posts easily which appears on their timeline. We are already aware of the feature to edit Facebook comments which we drop on any posts. People want to edit the post to make corrections or revise the post. From today, you can check your timeline for the posts to see if the editing feature available. This update has been rolled out to all people on Facebook and is not limited like the News Feed update which many haven't got it yet.

Facebook seems to have rolling out minor updates for individual posts. Recently, we saw an update to embed posts on website and adding feelings to statuses. The link preview for the post has also been updated while it appears on timeline or news feed. The picture that shows up on Facebook appears big tempting the users to click on it, thereby benefiting more bloggers and website owners.

Editing Facebook post might go viral for few reasons because, it's one of the cool feature from Facebook but an expected update. Few days ago, I saw a comment on a picture which was edited and written as "Comment Censored.". The user who commented on that particular photo wrote a comment against the person in the photo and edited as though he censored the comment. Though there might have occurred some personal disturbances with the photo owner, he tried something cool where he did not directly hurt the person in the photo.

Edit Facebook Post

People might similarly make posts interesting with editing feature. Editing a Facebook post is not always for fun but also, we need to correct a grammatical error or spelling mistake on posts which we sometimes do. Earlier days, we used to ignore the mistake as we might have got "likes" and "comments" on that post.

Similar to comments, you also see the edit history of the post by the owner.

Facebook post edit feature is really a useful feature for the most of the Facebook users around the world.