Facebook, the social networking giant is now offering Rs. 50 for each sign up made on Facebook mobile. Facebook has targeted developing countries like India, Brazil and Mexico for this promotion. This idea is quite easier way to get new users on Facebook but this, fortunately leaded to many fake profiles. People have started to go crazy that they use multiple SIM cards for signing up many new accounts just to top up their mobile phones with Rs. 50. Facebook though deals with fake profiles seriously, most of the fake Facebook accounts are growing now with this promotion are still growing higher. Facebook has already touched 1 billion users.

Earn with Facebook - Recharge Rs. 50

Facebook mobile is offering Rs. 50 for new sign ups that are made on Facebook. A person who wants to earn with Facebook or if  he/ she wants to get Rs.50 talktime to mobile, then he/ she have to follow this link: http://m.facebook.com/tt (Check update below)

The feature is not available for existing features. New users can sign up for Facebook using their phone number. Once a new account is signed up above the link and also if the account is confirmed, then the new user can receive Rs. 50 talktime on their mobile within 3 days. The new users who sign up with their mobile number don't even have to provide their Email address. They just need to confirm their account by using a confirmation SMS sent by Facebook after the sign up.

Facebook adds that they have the right to remove this service without any notice. It's really a great and welcoming feature for new users. It will welcome many users but also, will create fake profiles. Facebook must really deal with this more carefully.

What's your thoughts on this? Do you think whether Facebook is really right to introduce this feature? Feel  free to share your thoughts in comments.

UPDATE: This offer was limited to a time bound and is expired now. Follow us for new updates.