Internet is vast and is often considered as a power tool to grab customers from all over the world. Most of the unemployed today mostly search for a way to earn online so that they can manage daily expenses and also some people make living out of it. After the evolution of mobile apps, most of the people shifted to apps than spending more time on websites. Many earn money app are available across the internet but only few are real earn money app. When we mean earn money app, they are the apps that make you earn money online. Earn Money App Facebook Research Program from Applause Applause, a crowdsources software testing platform is tied up with Facebook to test an app of Facebook. The app is a research app of Facebook. This is an earn money app that generates you money. Applause will pay $5 every month having the app installed on your smartphone. Both iOS and Android users can benefit from this research app testing.

How does this become a earn money app?

You need to install this app named as "Power Logs" on your smartphone. It does not ask for any of your phone's permission so you are safe about your data that you have stored on your smartphone. However, it sends other data such as power information and usage to Facebook servers. This is entirely used by Facebook for research purposes. Facebook is in need of numerous data in order to do this research, hence they have made the app into an earn money app.

How much will Facebook Research app will pay?

You will be paid $5 every month doing nothing but just having to install the app on your phone. Your internet should be active for at least 20 days. Once they have confirmed that you have installed the app, you will be eligible to get paid, with few conditions like, having the app active for 20 days at least.

This earn money app will make more money

$5 is yours. That is the minimum amount that you will be getting paid for having the app active. However, you can make more money with this app, hence we call it as earn money app. You can earn more by referring your friends. When you refer your friends during the first month of sign up, you will be eligible to earn $10 for each referral. For the subsequent months, you will earn $5 for each referral. Imagine that you could make your 10 of your friends to join. You will make $10 x 10 = $100. Also, for every 5 referrals active who have installed the app, you will earn $20 as a bonus, hence if all your 10 friends are active, you are eligible for a bonus of $40. Your final earnings will be $100 + $40 + $5 = $145. You can earn $145 without doing anything.

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Do not miss the cool! Once you have enrolled yourself, you will be receiving an email from Applause within 24 hours of enrolment. Power Logs is an earn money app that lets you to earn money without doing anything. If you have any queries, please let me know in the comments below. Important Update Effective from September 2018: The referral amount and active user bonus have been adjusted by the Applause team. The changes are as follows:

  1. For every referral you provide, the payout will be $0.25.
  2. For every active referral for every month, the bonus payout will be $5.

Facebook Applause Commission Update These changes are effective from September 2018. UPDATE: This program has ended on January 31, 2019 and is no longer accepting any sign ups.

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