A few minutes ago, I shared about the Facebook Poke App. After publishing, I just logged into Facebook as usual. The text instead of What's on your mind was really cool. I just didn't care about it. As usual, I was commenting and liking to my friends' updates. I was suddenly dragged or scrolled above where Facebook said something that they have introduced some feature. That feature was really cool. I was glad that once I wrote about this as expecting feature on Facebook. Facebook allows you to drag and drop photos for easy upload.

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The new features that are being introduced by Facebook are really attracting the users. Facebook seems to be in hurry to roll out most of the features within this year. It's no idea that they are in a hurry or aiming to bring some great change in this year. Facebook now allows users to drag and drop photos easily. Sharing photos has been made easier on Facebook. Just open up your Windows Explorer or File Browser and drag your photos on your Facebook Status box on your Facebook home.

Drag and Drop Photos on CryptLife

This feature allows a Facebook user to upload multiple photos at a time in bulk amount. Earlier, only after going though some steps, you will be allowed to upload photos in bulk but this drag and drop feature will now be a great thing for Facebook users. Facebook guesses that this update might make people to share more photos and spend their time with friends more easily.

I recently heard from a friend before this update was rolled out for me. He said that his profile showed regarding this update but it sounded like Facebook was testing this feature. I was really surprised when the feature was rolled out for me. I think most of the users might have got this feature by now. if not,, you will be getting this feature soon.

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