Google has come forward to introduce their fastest browser Chrome on iPhone and iPad. The browser which was already rated as the most powerful and fastest browser of all is now on iPhone and iPad. It is moreover a glad news. Google Chrome, which attracted more number of users in the terms of speed, memory usage and stability has also attracted the iPhone users. Apple was only using the Safari at its best. Users of Apple devices like iPhone and iPad used a top browser and considered it as a best and a faster one for iPad and iPhone. But now, after Google introduced Chrome for iPhone and iPad, most of the users have switched their browser to Chrome. However, they were not able to choose Chrome as their default browser.

When you just open the browser, it takes you to a tour which explain all the features included in Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad.

Chrome is available in 50 different languages and is now popular over Apple Store. Totally 3574 people have rated the application and in average, the application is rated 4.5/5 which is to be considered more. The Google Chrome App was released on June 26, 2012 and almost all the features that you experience chrome on desktop version is available for iPhone and iPad.

The incognito window which can be used to browse the web without leaving any cookies or history in the computer is also available in Google Chrome for iPad and iPhone. This App was introduced on demand of iPhone and iPad users, Brian Rakowski who is a Chrome Product management director told to Press.

You're really awesome to have an incognito window on a mobile browser. I hope no other mobile browser gives this feature. This will attract many users for sure.

Here is a screenshot of Google Chrome for iPhone 4S which shows CryptLife's homepage, the mobile version of this site.

Initially, Google conducted experiments and works for iPhone but later they were questioned themselves about giving their product also to iPad users. Later, they made available for both and Released a version which will be compatible both iPad and iPhone.

Remember, iPhone and iPad are far better than other mobile phone. It's a smartphone. A better one than other smart ones. YouTube videos runs smoothly on Google Chrome and plays HD videos too.

Cloud services like Google Cloud have made the users to easily access their files on web. As the users increased for Google, they need to support them everywhere. So, integration of Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad has made the more users to stick to Google. Well, it has a powerful search engine but still their products are also to be used by the users. They always feature to be the best of all. People always trust Google and it is not more surprised that it has extended it's hand to Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Macbooks already had Google Chrome but still Apple users seems to love Google Chrome browser than Safari as it is featuring to be the World's #1 browser in recent survey. Google Chrome is much awaited for iPhone and iPad, and finally it's now available on the iTunes. Users may download it from iTunes Store.

Share your thoughts about this browser on iPad and iPhone here in Comments. Is Google trying to cover the Safari browser? We've heard one of the latest buzz too. Google Voice search is much better than Siri. Comment your thoughts.

Download Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad here: