A third-party Antivirus has now become an important tool installed on Windows computer despite the lot of security improvements taken by Microsoft to remove harmful malicious software. Viruses usually spread though internet but also a lot via removable disks like pen drives and external hard disks. A standalone computer, though it is not connected to any network might be severely affected by viruses and other Spyware that anonymously steal your data. Several Antivirus vendors are trying to learn about the newly arising viruses and other malicious software. For such standalone computers, here is an article that lets you to find antivirus offline updates for your preferred Antivirus software.

Updates are supposed to be done periodically to keep yourself protected from viruses. Though you do an offline update, there are a lot of viruses newly arising. Thus, one may need to install updates periodically for staying up-to-date.

1. Kaspersky Antivirus

Most of the people preferred-Antivirus is Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security and the company has really satisfied a lot of customers who have used other Antivirus software. People switched to Kaspersky for making their PC more protected towards viruses spreading through web.

Download and How to: Kaspersky Support

2. Norton Antivirus and Symantec Security

Since years, Symantec is providing a good security to both computers that are standalone as well as that are connected to a network. Norton is usually believed to slow down the computer when it is installed but this is not true in present days as they have improved a lot in their Antivirus software. They yet, provide a good security schemes for a computer that is often affected by viruses due to pen drives.

Download Offline Updates: Symantec | Norton

How to install: Select a product of your Norton or Symantec product on the above provided page and click on "Definitions" link. On clicking, it shows a page that contains an archive of updates. Click on an update file to download. Copy the update to your pen drive or any removable disk. Double clicking on a Windows PC having Norton or Symantec product will install the latest updates.

3. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is almost reaching the trust over several customers and also making the users more satisfied with both security and stability. Users believe that AVG products do not slow down the PC, yet provide best security to their computer.

Download Offline Updates: AVG Update Downloads

How to install: On downloading the Virus Definitions from the AVG update page, you will be getting a ".bin" file which doesn't gets opened on double clicking on a Windows PC. To install this update, open your AVG Antivirus software and click Options. Select the folder where you have downloaded the update. Now, go to the Program Update on AVG Update page. Click on Update to start updating your Antivirus.

Download Antivirus Offline Updates AVG

4. Avast! Antivirus

Avast! is a now becoming more popular among users and powerful in scanning your computer real-time. Avast! Antivirus could be the best one for a standalone computer. Offline updates are easily available than any other Antivirus products and the company works hard in discovering the new threats that are spreading on the web and offline.

Download Offline Update: Avast! VPS Update

How to install: Download the update, and installation is simple that you just need to double-click on a Avast! installed computer.

5. BitDefender Antivirus

Most of the customers using BitDefender have only given positive reviews. The negative talks about BitDefender is low comparatively. BitDefender provides a quick and easy way to download and install offline update manually.

Download Offline Update: BitDefender Update Download

How to install: Download the update that suits your BitDefender version. Copy it to the standalone PC where you need to install updates. The step-by-step installation wizard will guide you to install updates easily. Clicking on few "Next" buttons and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions will install you the updates.

6. McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus is trying hard to be the number one Antivirus and working to provide users a best virus scanners. Most of the new Intel PCs should be using McAfee after the acquisition of McAfee by Intel Corporation. Intel motherboard CDs come with McAfee Antivirus and this increased the number of McAfee Antivirus users.

Download Offline Update: McAfee Security Update

How to install: On downloading the update from the above page, you will be getting a ".exe" file and this will allow you to install updates easily by double clicking on it. Previously, McAfee was giving the ".dat" file for updates compressed as ".zip" which made the offline update process more tedious.

I believe I have provided updates for most of the popular Antivirus. If your Antivirus is not listed here and you're looking for an offline update for your Antivirus product, please let me know in comments. Happy to help!