Twitter, a unique social networking site will now soon launch the feature to download all tweets from your Twitter account. Currently, there are third party applications that allows you to download all your tweets from your Twitter account. But, as of recent Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo said that users will be soon able to download all their tweets on their computer. This looks somewhat good with respect to Twitter. The another biggest social networking site, Facebook had already given a feature to download all the Facebook posts, friend list names, uploaded photos, videos etc.

Download all Tweets from Twitter Official feature

Making an archive of all the activities done on a social networking site is really an important one when you are going to delete or move your Twitter account. Always, when a feature is brought officially, there will be more flexibility of that feature. However, third party application tries to provide better services to the people. As said earlier, there are many third party applications to download tweets from your Twitter account. All your tweets, that is, the one you created first at the time of creation of your Twitter account and until the one you created the latest can be backed up on your computer as a HTML file or any.

Whenever a feature is brought officially, people will trust upon it. Some people don't trust on third party applications because of the spammers. Third party applications might spam on their twitter profile sometimes. Not all third party applications but some spammers who develop twitter applications for just to gain traffic or to grab personal information like Email and other details.

As of Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, the feature for downloading all tweets from your twitter account will be integrated on Twitter soon by this year's end.

Most of the celebrities uses Twitter than Facebook. The reason may be due to privacy on Twitter accounts. Twitter can handle public people or famous people's profile more easily. They can spread messages in the form of tweets to their followers easily and quickly. Twitter is much simpler and more handy to use. Wherever they go, they can tweet right from their mobile device or tablet or with any portable computers.

Let's wait for the twitter to introduce this feature. Share your thoughts in comments.