Every Blogger is rewarded only due to the content he/she makes. Frequency of the blog post is not so important. Making a good quality content on your blog improves your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). TO create a good content of your blog post, it is necessary to be concentrated more on your article while writing. Usage of word processor like Microsoft Word is the best thing for writing a blog post as it contain as many tools to write a post. Humans are always more liable to distractions and forgetfulness. The more attention you pay to your post, the best quality article you may provide to your readers.


Before writing a blog post, you must be confident about all the information you gathered about that particular topic and should be more trusted on your style of writing. People like your blog when your content becomes more useful to them. Before writing the post, gather information about the topic more. You may also start your own topic but always make sure that your content is authentic. When you write about any tutorials, if you are able to experiment them, do that and write a blog post. Show them screen shots or pictures of your experiment.

Social Distractions:

Out of my experience, I get often distracted to social networking sites while writing a post on my blog. Now, I've reduced this. I will close my Facebook, Twitter and other social tabs which makes me to chat with my friends. While writing a post, your concentration must be fully on your writing. Your mind should be filled with clouds of words. I advise you to close social networking sites while writing a blog post. I also recommend you to close any instant messengers like Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk or Skype. We humans are more interested towards new updates. In social networking too, when your Facebook shows any notification in your tab, we'll hurry to that to see what update it is. Consider yourself to be in an important meeting while writing a post.

Mobile Phone:

It is better to switch off or switch to silent mode in your mobile phone while writing a blog post.  If you keep your phone in a silent mode, let your phone be away from your reach so that when anyone calls you, you won't get disturbed by it. Remember, if you wish to discontinue and resume your work to create your post later, there is a chance of missing some points on your post. So, it is always advised to write blog post in a full concentrated manner.


Do not edit your article while writing your post. Though you've misspelled a word, it is better to notice at them after completing the blog post. Formatting changes are secondary. The content is more important. The thing what you input always matters than your editing. the content should be authentic and also should be well explained.


Hearing songs may make your mind fresh and free but it is always recommended to stop music while writing a blog post. The music attracts you while writing a post. You won't be able to stream your mind with ideas if you write an article by hearing songs. Always try to avoid music while writing blog post.


Make sure you have no other items to get distracted in your surroundings. I get distracted most when any eatable is near my computer table. Be fully focused on your post while writing. When you write a post with distractions, you won't be able to write that in same flow. Your writing style may also gets changed. Do not write post when you feel lethargic and also make as many post you can when you are happy. I used to blog when I am happy. This is a entirely a different experience.

Beware of power cuts and the computer's health. I think, most of the countries won't get power problem but Indian bloggers usually experience this. I am an Indian blogger and I often experience power cuts. This may force you to turn off your computer after saving your incomplete article. Sometimes, if your UPS is not working well, you may lose some points in your article. When you turn on your computer back, the word processor you used for writing blog post will show you only the last auto saved content. So, it is better to check your computer's health like UPS and other software/hardware components.


More images in a blog can make it a slow on and it won't be a SEO friendly one. A fast loading web page is always considered to be the SEO friendly website. Addition of images can be done later after the completion of writing. This is because, when you search or sit on Photoshop to create pictures, you may lose some of the points you wish to write on your blog.

Do not take breaks while writing a post. Better complete the writing work and then have a break. Editing can be done after the break too.

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