Programming is always interesting for geeks. If you know the basics well and capable of solving problems, you'll love to code. I see some programmers always carrying their notebooks or keyboards while they go anywhere. That is because, they carry keyboards and notebooks to code their own software or application wherever they go, or wherever they find a computer. The evolution of mobile platform and devices has made programmers easy that they can install a programming Text Editor, Compiler and Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Now, it's time to Compile and Run more than 40 computer programming languages on Android. DeuterIDE allows you to do this.

DeuterIDE programming languages Android Blackberry

I was searching for a compiler to solve some problems using C/ C++. When I wandered around the web for more than an hour, I came to know that I can install a compiler in my Android. This sounded awesome than ever because, I usually use to wonder about the great IDE for my computer. I used to compile and run certain instructions with my IDE installed on my computer. I was really surprised to have an IDE installed on my Android so that I could write programs anywhere I go.

Let me not drag you to more distance for the surprise by not saying the features and functionality. An Android application which is named as DeuterIDE can be made use to compile and run more than 40 computer programming languages on Android. The application is sold not for free but you can get it for just 4.9 USD.

The application is available for both Android and Blackberry Playbook. It works on light plat form but brings great results. Overall, DeuterIDE is a powerful IDE and a compiler to work with. It's been awesome when we see a compiler on mobile devices. But, when it is more efficient and powerful, we are really lucky to have. DeuterIDE is an application to compile more than 40 computer programming languages and here, we have listed.

DeuterIDE can support C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, COBOL, FORTRAN, PHP, Python, Perl, .NET, Bash, HTML, CSS and many more. It can support huge number of languages in a light platform.

DeuterIDE comprises of an online Text Editor to write code, highlights the syntax and also, it can match the brackets. The Find and Replace feature on your DeuterIDE allows you to find and replace the error(s) or any text correctly. The editor is made in such a way that it can auto indent the code you type as well. Indentation may make you to understand your own code better. DeuterIDE also provides option to undo and redo activities.

DeuterIDE provides a virtual keyboard which you can use them for inserting special symbols used in programming languages.

The most interesting feature is, after completing your program, you may upload your source files for the application to Dropbox. Any Android 2.1 or above device with large display screen will support DeuterIDE. The file size is also not so high as it is an online compiler. The application for Blackberry Playbook weighs 599 KB and the application for Android on Google Play Store weighs 629 KB.

Now, do you really want a Notebook or keyboard for writing coding for your application. Just carry an Android device, that's enough.

You may download DeuterIDE here.

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