Blog posts are usually a text based one, infographic one or a video. Most of the bloggers provides text based posts to their readers and visitors. They are always good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but creating videos and pictures will boost up your traffic tremendously. Usually it is not a crime if we embed other people's Public YouTube video or a picture in our website. The owner can have a watermark of their trademark or logo in their video or picture. Internet is more open and connected where you may share other's stuff too in your blog. This will promote their creation and will not become a copyright crime as it happens when someone copies an text based article.

The video you need is, you have to create on our own. This will effect more on your article. Not only just to create videos. Place a link of any related articles that describes your video. People who like to read may click that. Always, a YouTube video becomes popular more sooner. Even if you upload a awkward video or a video that even you can't see that, you will get a traffic to that more than a worst article on your site.

Promote your site or blog on the video. Whatever the video you upload, just make sure that your site's logo appear all time and a link to your site when users click on the logo. The one which will be available on VEVO's uploaded videos. That will make your video more professional one.

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Change the background of the video. This, I mean whenever a visitor watches your video, he will see a image at the back of the video player. Channel Design option in your YouTube account will help to add such pictures. Also add a 640 x 70 pixels banner image at the bottom of the picture. Link the banner to your site.

Whenever you write an article, it is better to create a video and upload it on YouTube. This not only drives more traffic to your blog but also makes your tutorial more clear. Readers will perform the same more accurately as you taught in the article.

YouTube allows you to add notes and links in between the video. Make use of that feature to the most. When you teach about something advanced where a newbie could not understand, then describe any technical term with notes and links to understand them more clearly.

Always have a welcome message and an ending message. Include what you are trying to show in the video as a welcome message. Always, when ending the video, don't blindly end the video. Show the result what you teach and also a message like "Thanks for Watching. Subscribe us to get more tutorials on your Email". this will be fine for YouTube videos. Although many users ignore the ending message, but if they've liked your video, then they'll be subscribing your video channel or commenting or clicking the like button on your video or sharing the video. YouTube videos are the most shared stuff. If people like your video, social site lovers will surely share the video with their friends. If you have created a funny or a useful video, they might also share your video on their Facebook Fan pages where you can get more traffic to YouTube channel. Remember, you are keeping links in the description, inside the video and a banner ad.

The video will bring a lot of visitors to your blog. People will not be aware of your site. A video can promote your site very well on the globe. If you teach about any software, don't give the direct download link in the description area. Just give a link to the related article on your website and make sure you've placed a download button on the article. Tell in the video that you have provided a download link to download a particular software or music or whatever be the thing.

Creating videos for your blog's article will make more traffic for sure. Don't always give up that your blog has no traffic. Just create videos and drive more traffic to your blog. All the best for your blogging from CryptLife.

Do not under estimate the YouTube power. It is more powerful than you expected. Remember that it is from Google.

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