Creating multimedia presentations for business and education can make audience to help better understand about the idea or concept of something which is presented. Most of us might have presented some concept using presentation software like Microsoft Office PowerPoint,  IBM Lotus Symphony ”“ Presentation etc. but we must always study a way to attract audience. Not only to attract, but also a presenter must make the audience to understand better about the concept which is presented using a presentation software. Let's learn how to create effective presentation for business, education and more.

Create Effective Presentation - Powerpoint

Here are some tips so that you can follow to present in effective manner.

#1 Short and brief content

Content present in each slide must be brief and short. While you present it, you must be able to talk about the topic you present. Only the key points and important terms should be presented in slideshow of the presentation.

#2 Starting and Ending

It is always better to have a welcome slide at the beginning and a 'Thank you' slide at the end of the presentation. When the welcome slide is shown on the screen during your presentation, you may tell some introductory points or basic ideas of the subject you are going to present. After you complete explaining about the basic stuffs, you may start the session, that is, you can start to present your presentation.

#3 Animations

Animations are the best way to attract the audience. It is an awesome method to bring your audience's attention to your presentation. So, it is always recommended to add little animation effects to your presentation. Please see that you are not adding too much of animations. If you add more animation effects, then there is a chance for distraction of the audience. They may not concentrate on your explanations. They will start concentrating on how beautiful your presentation is. If you are using animations, then see that you are setting fast animations. Slower animations might make your presentation slow and sometimes, it makes you to wait for sometime for the animation to complete. That might become more awkward sometimes.

#4 Pictures

It's a good practice to add pictures for the slides you present. Add much relevant pictures to your slides. For example, when you are supposed to explain about the statistics of something, then you can have a graph about the stats on your presentation. Pictures can explain more than you say. Pictures can make your audience to easily imaging about something you present.

#5 Sounds

If you have decided to add audio to your presentation, please think that the computer on which you are going to do the presentation can have sounds. As far my experience, most of the places where I go for presentation, I don't see speakers connected to the computer.

#6 Talk more; Show less

The presentation can be made successful when your participation is more than you present from a slideshow. The slideshow must be used to strengthen the points you reveal by voice. You must be the presenter and the presentation slideshow must not be a presenter.

#7 Questions

To keep the audience in attention, you can make use of technique to ask some questions in between the presentation. This is a powerful method to stay connected your audience with you. So, add some slides specially for questions to the audience. This can also make the session more interactive.

#8 Quantity of slides

A lengthy presentation or a short presentation will always not attract a curious audience. Compress your slides for best results. Some people have a practice to insert number of slides in each slideshow. This may be useful in some types of presentations but not all. If you are doing a business presentation, it's a wrong way to have slide numbers (For example, 'Slide 12 of 24') because if the audience didn't like your concept or way of presenting, they might concentrate on slide numbers. They might ignore you even when you have a good and interesting point to say in between the presentation.

#9 Text and Background

Always have a practice to keep the background light if you are using a dark colored text. Audience will also read your slides though they hear your explanations through their ear.

#10 Videos

If you are going to add videos to your presentation, then you can set your background dark for that presentation. This might bring a theatricals effect to the video.

If you have some experiences or tips on how to present slideshows with a gathering, then drop your comments below.