In daily life, we browse internet for gaining lot of knowledge. Who is not on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ ? Everyone has an account on various social networking sites and share lots of information with people around them. Usually, frequent internet users have  lot of people connected to their social profiles. This instantly make them to view content shared by others and also lets them to share his or her views to lot of people. Besides, the professional work, we do browse lot of webpages on the internet to gain knowledge. We sometimes wonder about some facts put up on various sites. For example, Quora is one of the best site I have ever seen where people share smart ideas and give out smart replies. We know that sharing is always caring and there are lot of tools to share webpages. Normally, we do copy paste the links and share it on our social networking sites one by one. What if, you can share a link instantly in a single click? It will be time consuming, right? Yes, let me share some of the Google Chrome extensions to share links instantly from the browser.

Some of the disadvantages, you may feel if you share links manually to all social networking sites are, you may need to spend at least 5 minutes to share links on all your social networking sites. Also, you need to log in each social networking site you are on to share links. With these Google Chrome extensions, you don't have to log in every social networking site. You may just authorize your social profiles once on the chrome extension you add and then, you can share links instantly on social profiles with a single click on your browser.

You may download the extensions from the download links provided below.

HootSuite Hootlet

Hereby, I have added HootSuite as the first because, I personally use HootSuite and I am much satisfied with the features of this chrome extension. HootSuite will allow up to 5 social networking sites to be added for free. It stays up at the top right side of the browser while you browse. When you find some amazing or crucial stuffs over web upon browsing, you may just click on it, select social networking profiles and then click on Send to send to all your social profiles.

HootSuite Hootlet Chrome extension

If you want to add more social profiles on HootSuite, you may buy their premium services at a decent price and get most out of it.


AddThis allows you to share links instantly when you browse. AddThis has additional features besides sharing links on social networking sites. AddThis can be helpful to instantly send a friend an email or to print a webpage.; Everything happens with a single click. Just land on the page you want and click on the AddThis icon at the top right of the browser. Also, to make sharing faster, one may right click on any link to share it via AddThis.

AddThis Chrome Extension

AddThis has a separate dashboard to set your social profiles so that you can add social profiles to share stuffs. It supports most of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and 300 more sites. AddThis is much secured and also it won't slow down your browser as the extension is very much light to use.


Shareaholic too is one of the popular tool to share links over social networking sites. Like AddThis, Shareaholic too allows you to share links over 300 sites. Also, Shareaholic lets you to email, print and bookmark web pages you browse around. Everything is made in a single click. You may need to connect your social profiles with Shareaholic for the first time and from the second time onward, everything is made automatic. Sharing becomes easy and faster.

Shareaholic Chrome extensions to share links instantly on Facebook

You become awesome when you share interesting stuffs with the people who are connected with you on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

Do you use any other extension to share links instantly over such profiles? Just comment below and let us have a look on it!

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