People are now interested in buying Android smartphones than a Windows Phone. Nokia was on the top of the market when the popularity of smartphones weren't there much among public but after smartphones started attracting people, Apple iPhone was sold at peak. Thereafter, Android came into market to beat iOS. Meanwhile, Samsung started to manufacture smartphones for Android and that is the reason why Samsung mobiles are popular. Before Android came into existence, Nokia was at peak in the market. Nokia has denied to manufacture Android smartphones but have decided to manufacture Windows Phones. Microsoft, after looking at the popularity of Android smartphones among the people, have been trying people to move from Android to Windows Phone. They are trying to make people understand about the awesomeness of Windows Phone.  Now, check whether you can buy a Windows Phone using an Android device.

The cool application which guides users to switch from Android to Windows Phone has gone viral on Google Play Store. The app which is named Switch to Windows Phone has been uploaded officially by Microsoft Corporation has got poor ratings among the Android users. The app will be much useful when an Android user is switching from Android to Windows Phone. The application will check for applications that is also available on Windows Store for Windows Phone. So that, if an Android user uses a spreadsheet application on Android the most, then it checks for the same or similar application available in Windows Store for Windows Phone. If the same is available on Windows Store for Windows Phone, the that user can decide to switch to Windows Phone.

Buy a Windows Phone

When the application is installed on Android device, the user can analyze his or her own phone for applications that are compatible on Windows Phone.The application will automatically show up all the common applications that are available on Google Play Store and Windows Store either.

After analyzing, the application would ask you to save the list of apps that is compatible on both Android and Windows Phone. Later, when you buy a Windows Phone, the phone will automatically assist you in installing those apps on your new Windows Phone once when you sign into Windows account.

If you don't like Windows Phone or if your main stream application is not found on Windows Store, you are not asked to switch to Windows Phone forcibly and the application will not blame you for not switching to Windows Phone.

The application Switch to Windows Phone is available for all Android device (Device running Android 2.3.3 or later).

While Microsoft is trying to bring all Android users to Windows, let's take few minutes here. Why do people using Windows Phone love Windows Phone and Android users love Android? What smartphone you do use? Have you ever tried both? If so, which is your best choice and why? What great difference do you feel between Android and Windows Phone? Share your comments below.