Yahoo, an internet giant was supposed to be hacked more than 450,000 accounts were compromised during the attack. Yahoo asks the customers to check whether their account has been trapped into the attack or not. They have made a facility to check whether your account is trapped into the attack or not. The Hackers team has been tracked and they name themselves as D33D company. When most of the security officers and the internet giant tried to contact D33D, it was failed because all the information they provided to the site registrant was fake.

The hackers have leaked the information. Hackers sold the information they got from Yahoo ilegally. They quoted, that they found some serious vulnerabilities on the Yahoo website and was able to get some Yahoo log in credentials of certain users. Yahoo agreed that those accounts were compromised and apologized for the account holders who lost their account. It also advised all people to check if their account is hacked or not using the below site:

Yahoo Hacked. Check if your yahoo account is hacked

The hackers were able to get an non-encrypted passwords and most of the accounts contained passwords like 123456, 111111 and 000000. Thus, people who lost their account did not have a strong password. Out of 450,000 accounts which were stolen, only 5% of the accounts were valid.

The hacker group, D33D was said said to be not in reach as they have given fake details to the site registrant. The email address and the phone number which they use to contact them was fake.

Yahoo provides a best Email service to people. Rather than other Email providers, Yahoo is one of the best Email provider. But it must ensure more security to the people from being hacked. Yahoo told that the issue won't happen like this in future and are trying to fix the vulnerability and enhance the security of the site and their database. Yahoo now plans for better security.

Share your thoughts about this attack in comments. Will Yahoo provide better and secure mail in future. Out of billions of accounts in Yahoo, this was considered to be a minor attack. People who used a very weak password lost their account.