Technology is developing much faster than ever. They make the human life much easier. Mobile phones are widely used by most of the people around the world. Now a days, people who make use of lot of applications on their smartphones really require a charger to carry with them. However, they fortunately require a power source to make their phone's battery to be powered fully again. MyFC has made a new technology that can charge mobile phone with water as power source. This news is supposed to be an old one but I just want to share because still I could see that some people haven't heard about this charger.

Charge Mobile Phone with Water

The usage is as simple as anything. You just need to fill up the water charger with water and the mobile phone should be connected with the charger using USB cable. Thus, your mobile gets charged.  It is said that using the water charging system, you can charge any mobile phone. Even your iPhone is compatible for  charging with water charging system.

Now a days smartphones drains out battery just after using a highly graphical games or other applications. This new water charging system can become best suited for a gamer or a smartphone lover.

The all new water charging system for mobile is branded as PowerTrekk Charger which serves the best for people.

The water used for charging is low than you expected. It requires just a table spoon full of water to charge an iPhone. A chemical  reaction takes place inside the charger which gives out electricity.

PowerTrekk Charger is a much efficient way to charge a mobile phone than any other method. Water is a reliable source found everywhere and so, you can see your phone's battery level to be full always. And also, they do not require huge quantity of water. A table spoon of water is enough to charge your phone.

PowerTrekk is working on creating successful fuel cells that produce electricity using water as the main source. hope, it may come for your tablet and even your laptop computers too. Who knows? Sometimes, this may replace the solar power source which is developing right now. Solar is available only in day time but water is available throughout the day and night.

What are your thoughts about the water charging system for mobile phones? Share your thoughts below in comments.