"Pay for what you get." - This is the motto which we follow to buy anything from anywhere. We often get disappointed when we do not get things for what we paid. Apple has carefully managed to satisfy customers by setting the price of their products high and also promised to provide quality so far. Apple wants their customers to get upgraded to their latest gadgets and software updates. However, Apple still provides support for older version of Apple devices and software. Apple replaces camera and battery for free of charge for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S users.

Apple replaces camera and battery for free

It is 2016, and Apple has already stopped manufacturing iPhone 5, but Apple has extended the battery replacement program for iPhone 5 to 2016. Apple does not want their customers who bought iPhone 5 dissatisfied, but they want to cheer up by making such programs to extend to 2016. This clearly shows that the company cares more about their customers than the profit.

iPhone 5 has also got another problem of Sleep/Wake button where it stops working intermittently. Apple has replaced Sleep/Wake button for iPhone 5 at free of charge already satisfying affected iPhone 5 customers.

Nobody is perfect. In the same way, nothing is perfect. And, when it comes to electronic gadgets, we all know that it has an end at some point, no matter of their cost. Apple is one such company. You do not buy super expensive Apple iPhone just because it lasts longer, but you have trust over Apple and in turn, the company cares you a lot.

iPhone 6 Plus is one of the gadgets that is not perfect. When it got released, iPhone 6 Plus had the bendgate issues which was one of the biggest issues that a company like Apple has failed to care about. The bendgate was although a big thing to consider, it can be prevented by having a case on it.

The second hurdle for Apple is iPhone 6 Plus iSight Camera issue where customers were seeing a blurry camera after few months of usage. Apple accepted that it was a manufacturing issue and a small portion of the units was affected by this problem. I am one such customer, who owned an iPhone 6 Plus that experienced such a problem. My iPhone 6 Plus got this issue twice. The first time, it was in my warranty period. So Apple replaced my camera for free. The second time, after one and a half years of the first replacement, Apple still replaced my camera for free though my iPhone was out of warranty.

Recently, Apple has released a battery replacement program for iPhone 6S. The company has got several issues from customers regarding the unexpected shut down of iPhone 6S. Apple will replace the battery for free of charge even without the warranty, yeah, that is why these programs are for. Apple accepts that those are manufacturing issues, and Apple wants to fix it without making their customers disappointed.

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